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The Different Cowboys You See Each Night at The Strip

It’s a well-known fact that every day of the week, there are different types of Cowboys strolling down Washington Street. Whether they’re the classic asshole 6th year seniors or the brave underagers trying to fake their way in, you can guarantee that The Strip will be crawling with life every day of the week.



The Strip is full of architects and engineers who have a grueling week ahead of them. The night is full of endless vodka shots at the Cricket, building an alcohol-fueled buffer to the responsibilities, projects and 30+ hours of homework you’ve got going on this week. How is it possible to drink so much and still be successful? The engineers probably came up with an equation.




The future super-senior alcoholics are doing their best to stay afloat and not drop out. They’re the ones that go straight over from class to Coney for some $1.50 brews when happy hour starts and are damn near hammered before it ends. You’ll know the ones that have given up on life by the fact that they’re playing pool and killing drinks by the pitcher by their lonesome.



Thanks to the $5 unlimited beer at Willie’s, all those struggling Cowboys have a way to get through the night. It looks similar to one of those black-and-white scenes of a man in a diner on a rainy night, but instead he’s in a nasty bar with a pitcher in each hand. For just $5, you can numb the pain of the statistics test you just failed or the finance one you forgot to study for. Plus, it’ll help you forget just how low your GPA is.



For the clever Cowboys who planned ahead and arranged their schedule away from Friday classes — or the majority of upperclassmen that just don’t care — enough to go. 3-day weekends equal 3 times the fun and extra time to recuperate from the probably-expired $2 brews at Outlaws.



These are the  happy-go-lucky Pokes you’ll see waver back-and-forth in line, attempting to light a cigarette with little success. They’re part of the seemingly millions of people trying to pack into Murphy’s and College Bar, the least determined will dip to make a fool of themselves to wait in line at The Curty Shack.



You’ll find these seasoned drunks either never lost their buzz from Friday night, or are cultivating a rolling BAC to last through the Sabbath. They’re the ones that bitch and moan at the Cricket because you’re “in their spot,” or getting cut off at 9 because they’ve been drinking since noon. The only after-option for these “shambly” Cowboys is Coney, the only place no one is too poor to eat at.



Drinking everything in sight to mask the burden of the coming week, while getting a head-start on weekly-underachievement, these Stilly students will drink anything to get out of a LearnSmart. There’s definitely shit to study for, but they’ve realized they’re better off trying to pick up waiting from the wait staff at El Vaq, because they’ll probably be waiting table soon, themselves.


With the end of the semester getting closer, all of the different types of drinking Cowboys are going to start running together. The real question is, which one are you going to see tonight?



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