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GDI Has Psychedelic Freshman Follies Experience

Local GDI Landon S. Day is experiencing his first psychedelic experience on the same day Freshman Follies kicks off.


“Yeah, I’m pretty nervous,” Landon notes, “I got these eyedrops from some kid down the hall of Drummond. He said they’ll make you trip dick, so I really hope nothing makes me freak out.”


Day unscrews a capped bottle and drops a few into his eyes and places the bottle in his backpack next to his mini-longboard. He wipes the drops from his cheeks and notices something down the sidewalk.


“Holy hell this stuff works fast,” Landon stammers as he rubs his eyes a second time, “There’s like, 20 cat-people walking my way.”


Freshman Follies is a tradition at OSU which involves members of the Greek community dressing in ridiculous costumes and makeup to putting on a show. Landon’s girlfriend, Peach, isn’t surprised by his reaction to the “cat-people.”


“He doesn’t really put himself out there much,” Peach interjects, “between maintaining a healthy online standing on the League of Legends leaderboards and hanging out at the spider nest I guess we just sort of slipped through the cracks and never heard of it.”


“First off, LoL is life, so that’s the end of that. Second, why the hell would people dress as cat-men and walk through the night? And if they did, don’t you think I would know about it?” Landon asks.


Freshman Follies lasts about a week her eat Oklahoma State, so Landon is in for the ride of his life if he keeps these kinds of shenanigans up.


“The cats are getting closer, Peach!” Landon exclaims frantically. “There’s obviously no such thing as Freshman Follies, so help me figure out why a gaggle of humanoid-felines are barreling tow—oh shit, I think you’re right. I switched the drops with my saline solution.”



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