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The Ghosts of Oklahoma State’s Past

There are terrifying rumors that pass through the bright orange grapevine known as the Oklahoma State student body; most of these rumors being about the weird apparitions students claim they have seen on campus during the month of October. Some of these ghastly, ghouls have been seen by various students and have been recorded into The Black Sheep database.


The Actual Pistol Pete:


Anyone with half a brain knows Pistol Pete’s ghost indefinitely haunts Oklahoma State’s campus. Just picture a decrepit, angry Ebenezer Scrooge with a mustache the size of Texas hovering around with two pistols. What? Of course he’s angry… he’s dead.  It’s been said this ghost possesses the soul of the person under the 45-pound fiberglass mascot head and lets loose the shotgun shells a little too close to the crowd and into


Marcus Smart:


Ok, so he’s not actually a ghost yet, but The Black Sheep has received data from local students who say his basketball prowess has definitely NOT passed down to the current team. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that a Marcus’ talent is hidden in some ghost wandering around Gallagher-Iba, almost like a phantom of the court.


*queue the opera music*


Some of the janitors have even said they hear the swishing sound of a crisp 3-pointer, even when they’re the last ones in the building.



Greeks Past Halftime at Football Games:


Everything is completely fine at Boone Pickens until that scoreboard reads “halftime” and the Greek houses begin to thirst for blood alcohol. Once this insatiable pack exits, they leave behind all there snuck-in beer, tobacco, and shame, which is enough power to animate the Greek ghosts of OSU’s past. This group of ghouls is known to haze other sections while shotgunning every beverage in sight.


Elvis the Iguana:


2013 was a sad year when we lost our scaly friend, Elvis. But in some sense we haven’t lost him at all due to the memories we have of him… Oh, and his laid-back ghost that still mulls its way around campus. Even when the Edmon Low fountain is off, some students have seen a tiny current in it. “Expert” ghost hunters have visited campus and have had their readings go off the charts around the fountain. They’ve come to the conclusion that the ghost of the real Elvis Presley chills with the little green lizard because there equipment detects celebrities better… or something like that.


Drop-Out Freshmen:


Once freshmen decide they literally can’t do school anymore, they drop out, leaving some of the most annoying ghosts on this Earth. This particular set of ghosts will phase through your frat house or dormitory walls and sit right next to you while you play videogames. This act seems harmless enough until food starts to disappear, clothes begin to pile up on the ground, and your roommate had “nothing to do with it.” Beware of these ghosts because they can tear roommate-ships apart.


So during this month of October, beware of these ghastly vibes that make your neck hairs stand up. But if you happen to feel the presence of one of these apparitions, assess if it is just a happy, go-lucky lizard, or a lackadaisical drop-out trying to mooch off of your Rice Krispie Treats.



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