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Overrated and Underrated Places on Oklahoma State’s Campus


On Oklahoma State’s campus, there are many areas that can make you feel like a pea in a pod you don’t want to be in. Around every corner there is another line to wait in, a crowd of people to push through, and a person handing out flyers to avoid. The Black Sheep is here to tell you what places on campus are overrated, and to let you in on the hidden gems that are overlooked.


Overrated: The Villages

There are three types of on-campus housing to choose from: community-style, suites, and apartments. Better ways to categorize these options are: broke, try-hards, and too good for community bathrooms. The Villages fall in the try-hard category. People that live in the Villages try not be a part of chaotic mess of community-style dorms. Little do they know, the Villages are an overpriced dorm you pay $3,525 to live in, only to end the night on the floor of your friend’s crappy room in Drummond Hall.


Underrated: Drummond Hall

Drummond Hall is currently the oldest dorm on Oklahoma State’s campus. Although this is true, Drummond is a place to experience the slums of OSU while making great connections and college memories. You don’t live in Drummond for the cramped space and sketchy elevators, but for the people inhabiting the cramped space and surviving the sketchy elevator rides with you. You won’t find a working toilet to shit in, but you will hear the sound of laughter filling the halls, you will enjoy the company of inclusive friends next door, and you will delight in the smell of vomit coming from the girl who hasn’t figured out it’s not okay to drink a whole bottle of Strawberry Banana Burnett’s. Community bathrooms, you gotta’ love’em.    


Overrated: Union Dining

Have a quick 30-minute break between your 10:30 and 12:30 on Tuesday/ Thursday to grab lunch at the Union? Good luck. All 30 minutes between classes in the Union will get you is pissed off at all the people that are also pissed off at you for being in the Union during lunch, and a bag of Corn Nuts from the Union Express store. You don’t like Corn Nuts? Well, those smelly nuts will be your only option with a 30- minute lunch break at the Union.


 Underrated: Adam’s Market 

Adam’s Market is a culinary puzzle consisting of three pieces that perfectly fit together to create a beautiful dining experience. You can find choices of creating a custom stir fry to please your taste buds, the delicacy of pizza made in a brick oven stove, and Squawkers, where their slogan is “chicken, chicken, and more chicken” to clog your arteries. 


Overrated: 2nd floor of Edmon Low Library

Trying to get a table on the 2nd floor of Edmon Low is like trying to avoid Afro Duck’s poop on the sidewalks near Theta Pond: impossible. It may be college students are lazy and the thought of climbing more than a flight of stairs makes them out of breath and regret their decision of having a second fourth meal that night. They then scope out the closest table and claim it to be theirs, even if they are the only person sitting at a six person table, or… no, that sums up the motives behind the single sitters of E- Low. Your fellow students of OSU loathe you.


Underrated: Student Union

There are many things that suck about the biggest Student Union in the nation, but finding an area to study is not one. There are tables and chairs galore throughout the Union waiting to be used by a hopeful test crammer like you.


Don’t be a pea in a pod you don’t want to be in. Avoid the overrated and overpopulated areas on campus by throwing yourself off the bridge of new experiences. Go somewhere you haven’t been, and try something new, you lazy single sitter of E-Low.


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