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Top 10 Stilly Restaurants That Can Serve Your Drunken Needs


If you’re new to Stillwater or have lived in a deeper shell than Oklahoma has already put you in, at least you’ve heard of alcohol. It’s a wonderful substance that turns that potential mate from a 2 to a 9 and at the same, leaves you craving something greasy. To help you out, here are a few desirable places to get your food baby with your interesting late-night drunk date.


10.) Qdoba:

This place is pretty savage if you think about it. They started their business after good ole Chipotle and was like “oh, we’re just gonna add some queso, though.” And boom, Qdoba was born. The only place you’ll find that doesn’t have an “u” after the “q”…but when you come in with blurry vision, it’s the last thing you’ll notice.


9.) Sonic:

The first stop your DD should make. After all, Stillwater is the birthplace of this mixer pit stop. Oh, they have a new non-alcoholic margarita mix drink that is even better when spiked. Just don’t give that one to your DD.


8.) Taco Bell/ Taco Bueno:

Pretty sure they’re the same place, or at least when you’re drunk. Just be happy you found a DD here, because there’s a 125 percent chance you’re on a different level from the night out at the bars, you twisted people.


7.) Coney Island:

This little wiener place is a blast from the past. It has been on the strip since ’69 (…go ‘Pokes). It might look like a middle school cafeteria lady made it, but it’s a delicious post-bar stop. Great place for drunken entertainment, as well. They serve beer until 2 a.m., meaning ditch the bar near closing time to avoid last call bar rush, get a lil chili weenie and beer as you watch all the drunks stumble home.


6.) Brooklyn’s:

Looking to impress your lady friend? Trying to take her out in the daytime to see how she really looks? Take a stroll here for a little overpriced casual wine and dine. Don’t worry, fellow drunks, you can go for brunch’s custom Bloody Mary. If your date doesn’t please the eye, drink as many as needed.


5.) Short Cakes:

PSA: only eat here when tipsy, don’t say you weren’t warned.  When intoxicated, your taste buds tend to lack, so you don’t know what you’re eating is actually made by a cook who is probably turnt himself. Even though this place sometimes is colloquially known as “Shit Cakes,”  it’s an extremely cheap and filling breakfast joint opened extremely late. Just be happy someone is up to feed your messed up self.


4.) Granny’s:

If you like your sweet old granny’s cooking, you’ll replace her with this place. It’s the hottest hungover brunch restaurant in Stillwater. You will see that the full spectrum of Stilly’s population is there from shackers, fully dressed in someone else’s clothing, to Sunday churchgoers judging the shackers.


3.) Whataburger:

We know there are a solid chunk of you who can count on one hand the amount of times you’ve eaten here sober. Remember the last thing you ordered there past 1 in the morning? Yeah, didn’t think so.


2.) Dirty Curty:

The beautiful, mouthwatering, legendary wiener. Coney is like the southern belle chilidog, where Curty is like a bad boy in dog form. Have you ever gotten the “Dirty Smack”? It’s mac and cheese sprinkled with crushed chips on top of that juicy meat dog. Oh yeah, it’s a game changer.


1.) El Vaquero:

This place has gained popularity out of nowhere. Decent Mexican food for a decent glance of drivers license sounds like a solid trade. Nothing is better than being at a packed pregame place, get that food baby, and consume alcohol all at once right on Stilly’s strip.

Where have the gals been? Not at the bars, because it’s sorority rush time.

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