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10 Things That Will Happen to Ole Miss After You Graduate



We’ve all heard parents and relatives talk about how things have changed over time. Whether it was walking 15 miles during a blizzard to get to school, or that their college was a fraction the size it is now, it’s always true that things change. Once upon a time undergraduates didn’t even go to the Grove, which was more of an alumni cocktail party, and instead they went to the fraternity houses and housed some kegs. Yes, it was a truly great time. Just as you couldn’t enjoy that, there will be things that you won’t be able to enjoy once you graduate…


10.) Hume Will Finally Get Air Conditioning:

It’s been a long time coming, but as soon as you’re gone the campus volcano will be at a reasonable temperature.


9.) Construction Will Stop…For a While:

All of the projects that have blemished the campus and made your commute to class a pain in the butt will finally be done.


8.) Stadium Expansion:

This is truly a tough one for the Rebel Faithful leaving this year. The stadium will finally be bowled and our chanting will deafen the opposing team.


7.) New Turner Center:

The current Turner Center is 9,000 sq. feet while the new one will be over 20,000. The future students won’t know how dedicated you were to getting your swole on.


6.) Late Nights Getting Later:

As soon as your car is packed to go to your new job Oxford officials will vote to have the bars stay open till 2 or 3 a.m. on most days; realizing how lucrative drunk college students are.


5.) Reclaiming Top Party Honors:

Ole Miss used to be a consistent top 5 party school, now we’re floating in the top 20 range. We’re like the Boston Celtics going through a drought. The new chancellor will stop the witch hunt on Greek life and we can all party in peace.


4.) McAlister’s Improves its Parking:

We love McAlister’s, but the parking is more along the lines of something from a Hot Wheels play set, but once you leave the owners will unveil their new location. This new building is spacious, has excellent parking, and the sweet tea is better too.


3.) Working WiFi:

For a Division 1 College, the flagship university of the state, and a leader in innovation and research, this campus has some truly terrible WiFi. The second you get your diploma we’ll be having enough service to register for classes in less than 3 hours.


2.) The Union Will Be Completed:

The new Union will be nearly twice the size, with remodeled spaces, restaurants, shopping, rooms for studying and activities. Though the line at Chik-fil-A will only be longer.


1.) Ole Miss Will Be Champions Once Again:

2015 is in the books and it was a memorable one to say the least. Within the next couple of years Ole Miss will be crowned rightful College Football Champs. You’ll still be a Rebel and can be proud of your Alma Mater, but it’s something special when you’re in college when it happens.


So many great things are coming to Oxford (hopefully) when you graduate. So hurry up and get your cap and gown already so you can be a baller alumni that can pay for all of these things we’re asking for here.


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