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14 Things $14 Bottomless Mimosas at Rafters Will Make You Do

If you’ve ever participated in bottomless mimosas, you know that a “chill” brunch often escalates rather quickly. Every Sunday in Oxford, mimosas at Rafters is a social event you don’t want to miss. But, if you’re going, you should be prepared. Here are some things you may or may not do, due to the overwhelming amount of champagne you’ve poured into your body:

14.) Order chicken and waffles:
You get like semi-drunk, and money is no longer a concern. Time to splurge on snacks, bitch.

13.) Flirt with the bartender:
Usually this is done for free drinks. But this is bottomless; you’re just horny.

12.) Shack at 3 p.m.:
Yeah, when you wake up around dinner time at some random person’s house, it’s gonna be a little confusing. But it’s okay, it happens.

11.) Kiss the security guard:
Maybe you’re trying to get free cover in the future, or maybe it just feels like the right thing to do.

10.) Fight someone for a table:
Tables are limited at Rafters. It’s not unheard of for some hands to be thrown to avoid having to stand for one more second.

9.) Attend 5 o’clock mass drunk:
Either someone told you that you need Jesus, or you realized it yourself. The good news is there are churches just a short walk away from the bars. Follow the bells.

8.) Order more chicken and waffles:
Sometimes one order just isn’t enough.

7.) Text your ex:
So, maybe you do this every time you’re drunk anyway, but there’s something specific about mimosas that have you missing that not-so-special someone.

6.) Go bar hopping:
Before you know it a relaxed day at Rafters becomes a much bigger ordeal. You already spent 14 bucks on mimosas, now you’re buying $30 worth of shots at Roosters.

5.) Start hitting peoples cigarettes:
Maybe you don’t smoke cigs. You probably criticize people who do, but bottomless mimosas change people.

4.) Get on stage with the singer/band:
Odds are the performer hates you, but you drunkenly think they love you. This could get you kicked out, but, it’s not your fault. It’s the champagne.

3.) Talk to that hot girl or boy:
They’re probably drunker than you, so it’s hard to embarrass yourself. Might as well go for it.

2.) Text your ex again:
They didn’t respond the first four times, so.

1.) Throw up on some girl’s trendy new shoes:
Hopefully it doesn’t come to this point. But, it very well might.

At bottomless mimosas, $14 goes a long way. Yeah, some of things definitely aren’t ideal; but don’t let that take away from the fact that you’re gonna have a damn good time regardless.



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