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5 Reasons Spring Semester at Ole Miss Shits All Over Fall Semester

Everyone loves the fall at Ole Miss, for obvious reasons. Football tailgates, rush, and, of course, frat parties were some highlights of last semester. But, many Rebels are firm believers that spring semester is 1,000 times more ignorant than the fall. Here are a few reasons why:

5.) Baseball season means beer shower season:
Baseball season is similar to football season except instead of tailgating in the Grove, you get to tailgate inside the stadium (and not worry about staying classy). The right field student section at Swayze is something straight out of a fictional movie; a place where it’s okay to get blitzed on a Tuesday night mid-semester because the Rebs are playing on the diamond five feet from you. The unmatched atmosphere surrounding our college baseball team is almost as good as the feeling you get when you’re soaked with beer in the stands after every home run.

4.) Semi-repulsive pool parties:
Due to an utter lack of security, you’re always welcome to get annihilated in some apartment complex you don’t even live in; particularly their pools. When it’s 80 degrees out and you’ve been sitting in class all day, what better way to alleviate your stress than to grab a 30 rack and take a dip in a lukewarm, likely STD ridden, in-ground pool with hundreds of fellow students?  These pools are a breeding ground for young love, and a great way to take the edge off of a grueling school week.  

3.) Those things everyone wears weird clothes to:
These parties consist of all the wealthy frat guys you’ve come to know and love pooling their parent’s money together and buying a performance from a C-list celebrity right in their own backyard. Thankfully, some of these parties have multiple performers and last an entire weekend. The booze is free, the hormones are raging, and everyone comes together for a good old-fashioned banger. What more could you ask for?

2.) Ole Miss takes over Bourbon St.:
Fraternities and sororities alike allow for so much ignorance in our sound community. There might not be a more sought-after event than attending one of their distinguished formals. For guys, it’s a chance to take that girl you’ve been going for all year down to New Orleans for a weekend of drunken paradise, with the hope that maybe she doesn’t hate you by the end of it (but she probably will). For girls, it’s a chance to dress up, cash in on some free meals and booze, while stunting on Instagram. Trust me, you want to go.

1.) That really blurry week:
Perhaps the largest advantage spring semester has over fall semester is the glorious gift of a weeklong break, smack dab in the middle of the grind. Spring break has always been tailor made for piss poor decision making, and fosters a strong sense of camaraderie amongst friends and classmates alike. Whether you’re headed out west to Colorado for a week on the slopes and some dank 4/20 treats, or down to the gulf shores for a chance to flex your lack of abs while getting drunkenly burnt to a crisp, this week will undoubtedly take at least 10 years off of your life.

The spring season at Ole Miss is a time to enjoy the outdoors, without worrying about the inevitably shitty football scores.

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