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5 Ole Miss Things This Year’s Freshmen Will Never Know About

With the first week of school under our belts, the freshmen may be settling in a little bit here in Oxford. However, while they may think they know everything, here are a few things at Ole Miss that the freshmen will never have any idea about.

5.) Kincannon:
The once great residence hall known as Kincompton, site of numerous on-campus arrests and even more debauchery, is no longer in service. These days, freshman are living in the brand new Four Seasons of dormitories that the school threw up. They will never know the struggle.

4.) Football Success:
Two years ago, the Rebs were Sugar Bowl champions and coming off back to back wins against Alabama. We had three first round draft picks, and a stellar recruiting class coming in. Two years, a couple of phone calls, and one too many gas mask bong rips later, and we’re banned from the postseason with an interim head coach. The freshmen will never experience the glory days, or the always respectable Hugh Freeze.

 3.) The Tad Pad:
Similar to the sparkling new dorms that they take for granted, the Pavilion hasn’t been around forever, either. Our main arena, the former home of Rebel hoops, was once the Tad Smith Coliseum. It wasn’t much and it looked straight out of the space age, but hey it was home. And though it still stands, who the fuck would wanna go in there anyways? Nostalgic non-freshmen, that’s who.

2.) Rowdy Rebs:
Once upon a time, someone tried to open up a nightclub-style bar in Oxford. HA! It failed miserably. Rowdy Rebs was an experiment that, quite frankly, just didn’t work. Whether or not you thought it was good or bad, the freshmen have no opinion, because they’ll never experience a night out at the late establishment.

1.) The Union Subway:
Orientation leaders had once claimed it to be “the second busiest Subway in the United States.” Regardless of whether this was true or not, Subway in the old student union was a staple of Ole Miss dining, a trademark of mediocrity that everyone could get behind.  The new student union, (if it ever gets finished), will not feature Subway, and the class of 2021 will never experience waiting like a herd of sheep for a C+ sandwich.

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