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5 Times Marshall Henderson was Straight Savage on Twitter

We’ve had some absurd individuals come to Ole Miss, whether that be as guests, professors, or students. But nobody has a more ridiculous Twitter game than former Rebel hoops great Marshall Henderson. Here is a closer look at some of the more insane and erratic tweets from this Mississippi hardwood legend:

5.) The Erin Andrews Scandal:

Ah, the infamous string of reply tweets. After Henderson pulled a classic Ole Miss move and failed a drug test, ESPN’s Erin Andrews called him out on social media. Two years following the incident, Andrews’ boyfriend was arrested on drug charges, and Marshall was sure to have the last laugh.

4.) His s/o to Wikileaks:

Marshall clearly learned all the proper media ethics at the prestigious University of Mississippi. Academic dishonesty is not tolerated, and cases will be pursued to the highest level of officials at the school. Good to see student athletes taking their work seriously, and keeping a good moral code.

3.) When he tried to discuss foreign conflict:

Again, the Ole Miss history department should really take pride in the knowledge and critical thinking skills they instill in their student athletes. We wonder if Marshall wrote his senior thesis on the conflicts, or if it’s just an interesting topic he’s spent time researching on the side for fun. Regardless, it’s amazing to see the gears grinding in the mind of such a brilliant scholar.

2.) General ass whoopin’:

Whether it be for the Dallas Cowboys, or his alma mater, Marshall Henderson seems to love a good ass whoopin’. Note the carefully crafted, punctual, and witty hooks to his jabs at the opponents. In the words of Adam Sandler in the cinematic classic, The Waterboy, “Imma open up a can of whoopass.”

1.) Reminiscing on Grove szn:

While we question Marshall’s endorsement of Fireball as a drink of choice in the Grove, particularly for the early games, we absolutely respect the hustle. Athletes have to take care of their bodies, and what better way to do so than aggressively pounding cinnamon whiskey in the early hours of the day. He may have been a basketball star, but Henderson turns up with the best of them for games on the gridiron.

All in all, the man is a Twitter genius and a great representative for our university. Nobody does this social media platform better than number 22. If only we could get him back in red and blue for another season, the tweets would be flowing and the SEC victories would be frequent. Cheers to you, Marshall.

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