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5 Truths About Your First Year of Ole Miss Greek Life



Freshman year is almost over and you’re another year older and wiser, even if it is only by a little bit. You’ve managed to get that coveted bid and are now a full-fledged member of the Sisterhood/Brotherhood; or at least you will be when you make grades this semester. Being a freshman and going through the Greek system is a once in a lifetime, nerve-racking experience involving tears, hard work, and lots of parties. Past all of the late nights, beer funnels, and date parties is there anything that you’ve learned from your first year? We don’t know if you even remember your first year, but we’ve come up with a few learning points.


5.) Social & Philanthropy are The Most Stressful Jobs:



We know it’s a sad truth to learn, but how else do you think those philanthropies raising $100,000+ or those parties hosting thousands of people manage to get done? It takes hard work from the whole chapter…and Adderall, Vyvanse, and Red Bull.


4.) You and Your BIG Are The Same Person:



Occasionally, someone will get stuck with their complete opposite, but for the most part you are put with an older version of yourself. You like the same food, dress alike, talk the same, both of you steal things when you’re drunk, and you have the utmost trust in your BIG.


3.) You Think You Know Everything:



You were so happy when you finally got initiated and you were no longer a pledge, but a peer. Peer isn’t the best word, because now you act like you built the damn house. So enjoy being the “future” now and making fun of the members collecting cobwebs, because the next class is coming and they’re going to think the same about you.


2.) The Greek System = International Politics:



You’re not sure why some fraternities hate others or why your sorority acts a little more catty to a certain girl in different letters, but there is a tension for sure. If it wasn’t there before they will instill it in you and a natural rivalry will emerge. Protecting your borders from aggression or trying diplomacy for a common good. It’s a great concept for a Poly Sci paper.


1.) You Wouldn’t Have Traded It For Anything:




You were probably seen as a second-class citizen and your opinion was about as valuable as a New York Mets 2015 World Series T-Shirt, but in the end it was fun and helped you to grow as a person. You also became closer to more than a dozen people who will be taking advantage of the open bar at your wedding.



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