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6 Reasons Why You’ll Secretly Miss Your Ole Miss Freshman Dorm

When you live in the dorms all you do is complain. Then suddenly you’re a junior missing the things you once consistently bitched about. Here are some of the things your naïve freshman-self didn’t appreciate enough:

6.) The communal showers’ water pressure:
Okay so maybe you have to shower next to some dude blaring shitty music from their Bed Bath & Beyond waterproof speaker, but you can at least admit the water pressure was fucking amazing. Who knows how they make it happen, but you were thankful for it every day. It’s just something you won’t find in your 50 year-old house by the Square.

5.) The guest curfew times:
These were a real bitch back in the day, but if you think about it, they probably saved you from a bad hookup a decent amount of times. Now when some undesirable person is trying to accompany you home from the bars you have to actually come up with an excuse. And of course, this is very possible to do, but requires significantly more effort.

4.) Late-night talks with P.O.D. employees:
These local heroes were often brushed aside as mere distributors of drunk people food. But, if you took the time to actually talk to these people, you know they’re actually so much more. Odds are your P.O.D. worker was the shit. If not, then they were a total asshole and neglected your presence. There’s no in between.

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3.) Your annoying roommate:
Most people quickly lose touch with their freshman year roommates because it’s no longer mandatory to spend quality time together. You go on with your life as if you didn’t spend every night for a year just feet away from them. There’s about a 50% chance you hate their guts, but if not, you definitely find yourself missing them every once a while. Go get drunk together or something, for old time’s sake.

2.) All of the random bullshit that goes on in the hallway:
There’s no way to define this phrase when it comes to dorm experiences, yet you know exactly what it means. Whether it be the girl puking all over the lobby, UPD banging on your neighbor’s door, or a full-on hockey game in the hallway; weird shit goes on. The worst part is you didn’t know how much this stupid stuff meant to you until it was gone. Nothing can compare to freshman idiocy.

1.) The lack of responsibility:
You’re not really a grown adult until you have to start paying rent and bills. A year in the dorms is just one more year of being a kid and avoiding that. Paying bills isn’t necessarily hard (on the off chance you have the money), but it symbolizes something much bigger; having a life. And no one wants that.

Freshman, if you’re reading this, soak it all in, and take lots of showers.

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