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6 Things You Already Regret from Formal Weekend in NOLA

If you’ve been to New Orleans for formal, Mardi Gras, or any good ol’ regular weekend, you know shit gets weird. Although these bizarre experiences all make for interesting memories, some of them might be slightly regrettable. Here are a few examples that may or may not apply to you, like:

6.) Spending all your food money in a strip club:
In Oxford, Mississippi there aren’t exactly strip clubs around. Instead there’s a surplus of churches. So, when fraternity boys see one on Bourbon Street, they’re probably going in. Not only that, but they’ll also drop a good amount of money in some thongs. If you can’t afford your Whataburger on the way back, it probably wasn’t worth it.

5.) Taking shots out of a questionable bartender’s boobs:
In the moment this seems like the perfect idea; boobs, alcohol, and a lit Snapchat story. Then suddenly the woman is asking you for $20 for the grossest shot you’ve ever tasted (and her boobs weren’t even that nice!).

4.) Losing your phone:
If this happens you’re obviously going to be pretty goddamn disappointed and very much regret leaving it in your back pocket on display for thieves on the prowl. Hammered Ole Miss students are easy targets; since they’re out of their own little safety bubble known as Oxford, Mississippi. It’s tough having to worry about more than horse cops on the Square.

3.) Flashing your tits one too many times:
Girls, this one’s for you. You should absolutely show the world, and Bourbon Street, what God gave you, but you might not want to be doing this every time you see a bead (or depending on your confidence, maybe you do want to). Your date will either be super into it, or a little overwhelmed. If you don’t end up on Old Row, there can’t be too much regret. Right?

2.) Taking that girl:
Hopefully this wasn’t the case for most guys, but sometimes girls just want to go to NOLA, then end up being complete assholes the whole time. If this happened, hopefully you ditched her and left her on the streets of New Orleans to fend for herself. No regrets there for sure. Less drinks you had to pay for!

1.) Going with that guy:
This one’s for the ladies who had the same experience, just with the roles reversed. Being trapped in a foreign city with a douchebag you barely know sounds like a situation full of nothing but regret. In an ideal world, the guy with the bitchy girl and the girl with the douchey boy meet each other on Bourbon and fall in love. In reality they probably got hammered and woke up somewhere undesirable.

You leave NOLA and say you’re never going back, but odds are you’ll be back next year, leaving with the same exact regrets. If all else fails, hopefully you got some beignets and maybe a po’boy or two.

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