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6 Ways to Snag Yourself a NOLA Date

They say that winter is cuffing season, and while that might not always be true at Ole Miss, it’s definitely the time of year to start looking for a formal date. Not everyone is lucky enough to land a spot on a trip to NOLA, so if you’re looking to do so, here are some quick ways to make it happen:

6.) Scan into class for your desired target:
Everyone has an attractive person of interest in one of their large classes that requires attendance. What better way to get on their good side than to offer to scan in for them? You save them from going to class and they just might save you from not being able to go to formal. The next step would be taking notes for them, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

5.) Set up their seats at Swayze:
Whether you have seats or not, celebrating baseball season in right field is a lot of fun. However, it’s far more enjoyable in a lawn chair with a beer in the cup0holder. February 13 is the day everyone has marked on their calendar to set up shop in right field, so why not kill two birds with one stone and get you and your potential formal date a seat? Make them feel indebted to you for landing them a comfortable place to get wasted at Swayze.

4.) Give them all your Flex money:
NOLA is an expensive endeavor. Combine that with the costs of spring break and second semester funds begin to look real tight. Why not save them some unnecessary food costs by doubling the amount of Flex they possess? Yeah, you’d be out of on campus dining options for the rest of the year, but does that really matter when you have formal on the line? Fuck no. Nobody said there was anything wrong with bribery, and Union food is mediocre anyway.

3.) Put the team on your back in a group project:
While some might consider working with the resident classroom hottie a distraction, it’s better to think of it as a great ice breaker. Not only is it an excuse to exchange phone numbers, but you can prove your worth by busting ass to earn the whole group good grades. When your professor asks you to evaluate the rest of the group, don’t be afraid to sugar coat that person in hopes of getting what you really want; a formal date.

2.) Finess them a free shirt at the basketball games:
Ole Miss basketball is known for having some pretty enviable apparel by most people’s standards, but that doesn’t make up for the mediocre shots our players take on the court. Unless we have a rival coming to town, most of us are hesitant about committing to actually going to a game. Save your future formal date the eyesore of a seven-point Rebel loss to a middle-of-the-pack SEC opponent by going to the game for them. Bring them back a souvenir so they can pretend they’re a fan.

1.) Bail them out of the drunk tank:
If all else fails, there’s always one foolproof way to land a formal date. Everyone at this school enjoys the devil’s nectar to some degree, but sometimes this will land you in the drunk tank. To look into the eyes of that special someone after a night spent in sweaty box of shame with Oxford’s finest and to be able to say, “I got you,” the only reasonable response on their end has to be, “Will you come to formal with me?” Try it out. Never fails.

Now that you have all the tools to find a way to formal, get out there and mingle (or kiss some ass), so you can start narrowing down the people that you need to pursue. The ultimate goal is to get to NOLA, so best of luck to you.

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