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The 7 Best Walk Of Shame Routes Of Oxford, MS

In comparison to many SEC schools, Ole Miss has an extremely walkable campus. This comes in handy for numerous reasons, but it’s especially helpful to the wonderful shackers that inhabit various dwellings at school. Here are some of the best routes for your inevitable walks of shame:



1.) Stockard/Martin to the Union:

The first route is from Stockard/Martin to the Union. This route is paramount if you’re a hungry freshman that had a long night. The staircase is a brutal aspect of the walk, but provides cover from the trees for those of us who can’t take the sunlight during a hangover.

2.) Frat Row to Campus Creek:

Route two takes you from Fraternity Row to the Campus Creek area. There’s an opening in the trees at the edge of commuter parking on the right hand side of the Phi Delt house, which leads to a paved pathway. It’s secluded, shady, and takes you straight through the woods to the various apartment complexes on the edge of campus.

3.) Holman/Connor Staircase:

Third route utilizes the outdoor staircase at Holman and Connor. If you’re at any of the central campus dorms (Crosby, Brown, Deaton, etc), cut towards the ROTC building and up the staircase, through the Lyceum circle to the Observatory bus stop, where you can hop on a bus to anywhere in town.

4.) Walk of Champions:

Route four is an alternative to route three if you’re feeling bold. The only difference is that instead of the ROTC route, you go straight past the union and take the walk of champions, on THE Walk of Champions. Hotty Toddy, shackers.

5.) Srat Row to Frat Row:

Fifth route: the classic Srat Row to Frat Row connection. With the end of Frat Row closed off, car traffic is limited to golf carts, so walking on the edge of the Grove to the corner of Frat Row and University is ideal for this trek.

6.) Residential College:

Residential college to anywhere on campus. We say anywhere because no matter what, if you’re at the Residential College, your walk will suck. That’s what you get for shacking there. Make sure you grab a fire ass meal before your journey at the RC dining hall.

7.) Off Campus:

The final route is not on campus, but will take you from the Retreat or the Hub (common shacker habitats) to the blue line OUT bus stop. Cutting through Heritage Drive is the most efficient way to get to Jackson Avenue, where you can catch a bus back to campus when the yellow line doesn’t run on weekends.


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