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Chug It List: 7 Ole Miss Signature Drinks


We all know that Ole Miss knows how to party. The key to having a great party school is being in a great party town. Morgantown and Austin are synonymous with West Virginia and Texas respectively, just as Oxford is with Ole Miss. Our bars top the dives in Tuscaloosa and Baton Rouge 9 times out of 10, though it’s fun to get out and try something different. But instead of wasting gas going out of town we decided to checkout the local bars and see if there were any specialty drinks that only Oxford could lay claim to. We were drunkenly surprised by what we found.


7.) The Levee’s Blackout Bucket:




Let’s start with a standard that you’ve probably partaken in when you and your friends only had a few bucks for the bars. The Blackout Bucket is an unholy concoction of various liquors that will have you rowdy to dead in a matter of seconds.


6.) Funky’s Taylor Swift:




There are a lot of daiquiris to choose from in this NOLA inspired hangout. There’s the Grove Punch or the Octane, but the fan favorite is The Taylor Swift. A little bit of all the flavors are in this one along with a little shot of something special. You’ll be feelin’ 22 in no time.


5.) Bacchus’ Shipwreck:




One of the newer restaurants in town and far from a dive, but a great place to start your journey around the Square. The signature Shipwreck is a GIANT chalice of rum cocktails that takes two to tango. But seriously if you try drinking this by yourself you might drown.


4.) Frank & Marlee’s Toucan Sam:




The students who don’t branch out sometimes forget about this local favorite, but its wings, swings, and piano keys are iconic. Another original thing they have is their Toucan Sam shot. Named so because of the half and half milk used to make this delicious drink that tastes just like Fruit Loops.


3.) The Growler Beer Float:




In a short time The Growler has become a must stop for visitors and studying on the Square. The Growler carries dozens of craft beer selections and one of their specialties is getting a beer float, which is a scoop of vanilla ice cream along with your choice of beer. We believe this may be the source of Santa Claus’ Jelly Belly.


2.) The Shelter’s Bailey’s Coffee:




This quiet hangout under Nielson’s harks back to a time when we weren’t glued to our phones and actually talked to one another. If you have someone talking at super speed by you though, that might be one of the various Stout Coffees they serve. A pick me up and a Walk-Me-Down in one.


1.) The Burgundy Room’s The Horn of Enchantment:



The crown jewel of all signature drinks. This one is not only amazingly good, but also comes with a more amazing story. Only the bartenders can tell it and you’ll have dropped jaws as they tell it while simultaneously mixing the drink in a ram’s horn. Oh yeah, that’s right you drink the whole thing out of a Freakin’ Ram Horn!


We hope you go bar hopping and try these specialties and we also hope that you have all medical information taped to your body in case of emergency afterwards. If there are any shots, cocktails or other concoctions we missed give us a shout out.



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