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5 Reasons You Should be Stoked to be an Ole Miss Sorority Girl Now

At Ole Miss, there’s a lot of anticipation leading up to recruitment week. You watch all your friends at SEC schools run home before school even starts, and wish it was you in that aesthetically pleasing bid day picture. Here in Oxford, there’s an awkward lull between school starting and rush week. Freshman tip toe around older girls for almost two months, praying that ~sorority women~ didn’t see them take a tequila shot at the Levee. Now that it’s finally here everything you’ve dreamed of will come true:

5.) You get to be cute and sparkly:
For some reason, glitter is a really big deal. But if you put glitter on your face before joining a sorority, it’s not the same. Now you glitter yourself with purpose. On bid day, it’s likely that an older girl will immediately apply it to your face, without your permission. You have no idea who she is and you’re still sweating from the run home so it’s a slightly disturbing process. At the same time, you could not be more pleased.

4.) You can get embarrassingly drunk:
You’re free. Okay, don’t die or anything, but you can finally get hammered in public without fear of being cut from a house. Enjoy the Levee while you can. When you’re not a freshman it’s not necessarily cool to be seen there, even though everyone still secretly loves it. You’ll be sliding under standard’s radar before you know it.

3.) You are now the proud owner of t-shirts with letters. Yay!: 
Is it entirely shallow to be incredibly excited to wear a shirt with two or three little Greek letters on the pocket? Absolutely not. No one told you wearing your t-shirts from high school was taboo, so you have them all with you, taking up valuable space in your cardboard box of a room. Honestly, you’re running out of oversized tees to wear to class, so these sorority shirts are long overdue. Not to mention, they’re Comfort Colors, and you get to show off your srat.

2.) You’re attending real-life swaps and date parties:
It’s really not fair that a bunch of older girls follow you on Instagram pre-rush, because you see all their pictures from functions and cry a little because just you want it to be you. To freshmen, these girls look like straight up goddesses attending a fancy ball (even if they’re in ridiculous outfits going to a crusty bar). Don’t worry, your time has come. You now get to look like a fool at swaps and themed date parties with everyone else. Start buying random shit on Amazon, and “accidentally” put it on your mom’s card with one-click checkout.

1.) You get to eat real food: 
Not sure if it’s possible to be sick of Union food since it’s only been open for two weeks, but you probably are. Although it’s tough to veer away from Rebel Market’s carefully prepared meals and extra-mile hospitality, you’re ready for a change. Your new sorority provides all sorts of home cooking, until the kitchen gets lazy and pulls out the frozen leftovers. Soon, you’ll be curing your Thursday night hangovers with the famous, revitalizing Fried Friday lunch.

Now you get to experience all of these things for yourself. You get to figure out which expectations were accurate and which were just your imagination. For some reason during the five minutes you talked to a girl, you made her love you. This usually means something if you get past the creepiness of it. So go meet your sisters and find your future bridesmaids. No pressure.

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