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Guide to Enjoying Ole Miss Swap Parties Without Ending Up in Front of Standards

SWAP SZN—one of the best parts of Greek life. When else will you get the opportunity to break out your leather leggings and extensive glitter collection and have it be appropriate? Swaps and date parties liven up week days and make it a little easier to survive until the weekend buuuuuut if you aren’t careful you may find yourself sitting in a standards meeting wondering why you thought it was okay to chug that fourth margarita while standing up on stage with the DJ. Refer to these tips (and your own ~sober~ common sense) to make the most out of SWAP SZN with no damage to your srat star rep.

5.) Do watch your drink get made, don’t let the hot guy you met 5 minutes ago sweet talk you into taking the one he’s offering you:

Pregaming with sorority sisters? Fun. Being at a frat party? Fun. Looking back at all the embarrassing decisions you made? Eh. Potentially fun. Getting called to standards? Not fun. Being drugged? NOT. FUN. Don’t be the girl who turns into a lesson the following week at chapter. Watch your cup at all times.

4.) Do enjoy yourself, don’t look too sloppy:

Swaps and date parties are a shit ton of fun. They’re one of the things that remind you how great it is to be a part of Greek life, and getting notifications about events from your sorority’s GroupMe can give you the motivation to push through whatever school work stands in the way. Let loose when you go out and take full advantage of all the outlets for fun that are being provided for you—just make sure you know your limit, and try not to surpass it by toooo much.

3.) Do wear a cute costume, don’t be lookin’ like a hoe:

Themes are provided for swaps and date parties for a reason—to make them more fun. If and when everyone participates, it makes the event ever better. However, when you’re planning your outfit make sure to use good judgement. “Spring break” isn’t code for a coconut bra and “Halloween” isn’t code for a stripper-esque body suit. Aim to look hot while also keeping it classy; you shouldn’t be shooting to win the “most promiscuous outfit of the night” award.

2.) Do take a bunch of pictures with sorority sisters, don’t become so preoccupied with your phone that you forget to have fun:

Swaps and date parties are the perfect venue for spicing up your Instagram profile. Everyone’s dressed up in costumes that in any other situation you probably wouldn’t be caught dead in or be allowed to leave your house wearing, but for a sorority event it feels natural. Make sure to appropriately document your wacky wardrobe, but don’t get caught up in the photography—enjoy the music, flirt it up, and dance off all the calories you’ve consumed via the multiple mixed drinks random frat stars have bought you.

1.) Do chat up the cute frat star in your geology class, don’t overdo it and take over the dance floor with a makeout sesh:

Don’t be the girl who gets drunk and is suddenly all up on some random guy right in front of everyone—you’ll just look sloppy and gross. Enjoy your night, have a couple drinks, dance to your heart’s content with hot guys, and maybe get a lil private lip action—but leave it at that. You may be enjoying yourself, but the chances that you’ll end up on someone else’s Snapchat story aren’t in your favor, and you should be working to represent your sorority in a positive light.


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