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A Guide to Fall Fashion for the Ole Miss’ Rebel Woman

Fall fashion on the Ole Miss campus is defined by what fashionistas refer to as the Basic Bitch aesthetic. High fashion labels such as The North Face, Patagonia,  and L.L Bean have revolutionized Basic Bitch couture and are often seen as quintessential to the style. Creating your own ensemble is relatively simple, often consisting of pairing an appropriate top and complementing second layer over a pair of black yoga pants (fall’s answer to the Nort), but true mastery is in the details and accessories.

Popular ways to wear the flannel shirt include: simply wearing the damn shirt, wearing it open over a favorite t-shirt, or tying it around the waist, paired with the long sleeve collegiate tee of your choice. The Black Sheep is always on the lookout for the latest trends and we have a feeling 2017 is the year of tying your flannel shirt around your neck and pretending you’re a superhero.

Oooh a cute fall vest:
Complete the look by pairing your flannel with a cute fall vest. There are two popular variations on the fall vest in Ole Miss fashion: the puffy vest and the faux fur vest. The puffy vest is usually viewed as the more casual, sporty version and is the most easily pulled off. The faux fur, on the other hand, is more conducive to evening-wear and is seen as more of a statement piece. A word on faux fur vests: Invest in the vest. Don’t buy the Wal-Mart vest that appears to be made by sewing together toupees and the pelt of a stray dog and attempt to call it fashion…

A chunky-ass scarf: 
Time to accessorize! As we said earlier, truly mastering the Basic Bitch aesthetic comes from the accessories you choose. A popular fall accessory is the chunky scarf. It doesn’t matter if it’s Burberry plaid or pink and crocheted by Granny, all that matters is that it’s too big and makes your neck disappear entirely. This is great for hiding the double chin you’ve managed to acquire from too much drinking freshman year.

Tall riding boot to pair with that horse you don’t have: 
No Ole Miss girl’s fall wardrobe would be complete without the tall brown riding boot! This is the one time of year black and brown can be worn together as you breeze across campus with your black yoga pants stylishly tucked into your riding boots. It’s a common misconception that the Ugg boot is a suitable alternative to the tall brown riding boot, but nobody’s worn Uggs since 2014. So like, please don’t do that.

A dark, burgundy lip: 
This look is truly accessible to anyone; and by that we mean that everyone thinks that just because they purchased Media by M.A.C. that they magically can stop taking their skin tone into consideration and paint their mouth whatever color they fucking want. That is not a burgundy lip. That is a fucking disaster. Stay tuned for the next installment of Fashion by The Black Sheep, Matching Shade to Skin for Morons.

The PSL: 
A guide to Ole Miss fall fashion wouldn’t be complete without mention of the greatest fall accessory of all, the pumpkin spice latte. The PSL is as iconic as Chanel, the cornerstone of all things basic and bitch, an institution as American as apple pie and bald eagles. PSL is love. PSL is life.

Now that you have the tools to construct your perfect fall look, what are you going to do? Take pictures, of course! Little known fact: October officially kicks off the season of Instagram. The local pumpkin patch is your runway.

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