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Here’s a Drinking Game to Make the Rebs’ Season Opener A Lot More Drunk

Friday marks the start of a beautiful new beginning. That, of course, means popflys and Rebels parking their asses in lawn chairs ing the right field student section of Swayze. As the rowdiest, drunkest group of academics in the SEC, it seemed appropriate to create a drinking game for the right field fanatics for the first home game of the season:

What you’ll need: 
Many, many, many booze.

Intoxication level:
We already said, MANY BOOZE.

How to play:
– Park your ass and your lawn chair somewhere real good so you can see some balls, but they won’t hit you.

Chug for three seconds every time:
– The Rebs get an extra base hit.
– Winthrop strikes out swinging.
– Ump makes a shitty call (this happens a lot so drink up, sonny).
– The Diamond Girls do anything; literally anything.
– Security/police tells anyone in the student section to “calm down” or “get the hell out”.
– Every time someone responds to said cop with “I AM CALM, ROGER”.
– Winthrop right fielder angrily acknowledges the student section.

Take a shot from your sketchy water bottle/flask when:
– A fan gets half naked out of pure excitement.
– Winthrop’s right fielder records an out.
– A Rebel strikes out (let’s hope this isn’t happening a lot).
– PA announcer references any local Oxford business.
– Either team records a triple play.

Finish every last drop of your drink every time:
– Rebels score (obviously).
– Rebels defense records a double play.
– Winthrop hits a home run. This is a ‘pissed off’ chug, rather than a ‘let’s fucking gooo’ chug.
– A fellow SEC team loses before the end of our game, because go Rebs, duh.
– Nick Fortes records an unassisted out at first base.

Pour yourself another one when:
– Every time your cup is empty (but you knew that already).
– After a beer shower; since your entire beer is now in the hair of the girl in front of you.

The game ends when:
The 9th inning is over, ya idiot. Oh, and you’re good and toasty.

DISCLAIMER: If you play this game and strictly follow the rules, expect to be good and fucked up no later than the 4th inning, so plan accordingly.

Well, whether you play the game or not, with any luck you’ll be absolutely wasted by this time on Friday. You’re ready to verbally abuse the Winthrop University baseball program, and more importantly, kick off the road to Omaha for the College World Series. It’s your year Rebs, all your fans have a damn good feeling. Hotty Toddy!

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