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A Judgmental Map of Ole Miss’ Frat Row

A lot of people try and sugar coat the Greek letter organizations on campus by saying “they’re all great,” or “no matter where you go you’ll have the same experience”.  We’re here to tell you that this is false, and have created a map to expose what you’re really getting into when partying at or joining an Ole Miss fraternity:

Wild West:
It’s the no-man’s land of fraternity row. A lawless, rowdy western saloon in the heart of Mississippi.

Bass Pro Shop:
Duck hunting season is year-round. Pros only. Bi-monthly cast-and-blast competitions. Camouflage is not only encouraged, but required.

Mississippi Delta:
Lots of land, an elegant house, proper southern gentlemen, minus the Mississippi blues. The food is just like grandma makes.

Atlanta Polo Club:
Extremely frat out-of-staters. Must live within 50-mile radius of Atlanta, the capital of the world.

Jackson Prep Satellite Campus:
Enrollment at the original campus was so high that they had to open up another in Oxford.  

Grab Bag:
This usually goes one of two ways; drink so much you throw up on a Monday night, or go to Bible study.  

The Lyric:
Because nobody regularly goes there, but once in a while they pull a major gig and it’s lit.

World’s Strongest Man Competition:
Protein, pump, protein, pump. Repeat twice a day every day for the duration of your college career.

“I’m Shmacked” Video Shoot:
Remember watching those videos in high school that seemed too frat to be true? This is where they were recorded.

If Ole Miss is the Harvard of the South, then this house is Yale. Study beers stay flowing.

It’s the lodge, bruh.

R.I.P in peace. This house is dead. Some are grieving, some couldn’t care less.

High School Athletics Hall of Fame:
Where the state champions go after the glory days are over. Home to hella intramural trophies.

Old Row:
The type of place you think of when you think of the typical Ole Miss fraternity brother. They’ve been around a long time. Frat as fuck.  

Golf Course:
This one’s a layup. There’s a goddamn putting green just inside the entrance.

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