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5 Things Every Girl Experiences in Life After Ole Miss Bid Day

Ladies, the most stressful week of your life has come to an end, and you’re either exceptionally thrilled to have been welcomed to your new home, or you’ve been frat-hopping the past few days in order to drink away the pain of being cut from every house. Maybe you didn’t participate in Rush and you really don’t give a shit about what’s going on over in Greek life. Whichever category you fall under, the glitter has settled into the pavement and Bid Day 2016 has come and gone. It’s sort of strange, isn’t it? Not seeing herds of girls running around frantically all day or sitting outside the Union eating their Chik-fil-A like zombies. Life after Bid Day is brand new territory for some people, and for those of you who are in the process of joining XYZ sorority (or fraternity. RIP to you guys, ya know, in advance) these are some observations you’ve probably made in the last week:

5.) “I knew it was expensive, but I didn’t know I wasn’t going to have groceries in my room until next month…”:
Upon receiving a bid from the house, not only are you being bombarded with love and goodie bags, you’re also having lots of commas and zeroes thrown at you. Have fun telling your parents that you’ve found your “home away from home” for the low, low price of $1,500!

4.) “Did not realize I was going to be walking to and from the house five times a day”:
Yeah, after Bid Day, you actually have to go to the house and like, do stuff. You can expect meetings, meals, and various organization-based events or activities. And you have to look cute throughout all of it, too. Hiking to the house in your high heels is going to feel a lot less exciting after a few weeks, especially when your feet are covered in blisters and your will to live has decreased significantly.

3.) “Maybe my houseboy hook-up doesn’t recognize me…”:
That guy you met at The Levee and shamelessly got busy with, only to never return text messages or Instagram likes, just so happens to be a houseboy for your sorority. You can hide behind your sisters or duck under the breakfast buffet, but he’ll spot you from across the room and feign the most enthusiastic excitement for the sake of looking cool and “knowing” one of the new members.

– Said every sorority girl ever. If you’re a living, breathing person on Ole Miss campus, you are going to be invited to and/or forced by friends to attend philanthropy events for different houses. Some houses just collect items to recycle or donate to their philanthropy, others have fundraising events such as an evening of grilled cheese sandwiches or cinnamon roll late-nights. Go for the food, always.

1.) “So many swaps, not enough jerseys”:
Most- if not all- houses have their first swap the first week after Rush, which means you’re expected to dress out according to its theme (which, 99% of the time, will call for some sort of athletic wear). Whether it’s mathletes vs. athletes or Space Jam themed, you’re gonna be making friends with football players and texting your residence hall’s GroupMe in order to get your hands on a jersey long enough to pass as a dress. You would think these themes would get a little more creative.

Bid Day was the big thing. Getting to Bid Day, getting that XXXL t-shirt… That was the ultimate goal. Now that that’s over, you’re actually pulling your weight around your chapter and losing even more sleep over meetings, swaps, more meetings, and late-night initiation. You girls thought y’all were exhausted after Rush, just wait til the dance rehearsals and self-defense courses start!

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