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5 Things to Remember When Sealing Your Fate for Ole Miss Classes This Fall


With midterm season almost in full swing, the only thing on all of our minds is spring break and the large volume of alcohol we’ll soon be consuming. Amidst all your party planning and condo booking and messages from your parents begging you to focus on your studies, you’re bound to be on the receiving end of some emails from your advisor about registering for next semester. Choose your classes while keeping in mind how stressed you are over midterms right now, and make sure to refer to these tips. If all goes well you should be right on track to having a painless fall schedule with lots of time dedicated to cheering on our Rebs.

5.) 8 a.m. Classes:

After a long, hard Tuesday night of being a frat star, you may find it difficult to wake up in time for classes. You could always pass off your ID to a brother to have him scan you in, but the chances that he isn’t going to be equally as unconscious as you the following morning are unlikely. Avoid 8 a.m.’s at all costs—try to stick to anything and everything that starts after 11 a.m.

4.) After 5 p.m.:

How can you max out on drink specials during happy hour if you’re stuck in class? While spending the day watching Netflix and eating an unhealthy amount of ramen may be comforting, it’s not so great for your daily sodium consumption…or social life. Be a part of the crowd of girls tripping in otbt’s as they’re walking up Martin hill—not the sucker who’s on their way to business calc.

3.) Any course with the word math or bio:

If you care about your mental wellbeing and don’t entirely hate yourself, avoid signing up for any math or bio classes. Find different ways to push yourself and test your abilities, maybe check out the intramural sports that the Turner Center offers instead.

2.) Classes in FedEx and the Music Hall Building:

Mississippi weather in August and September is basically the worst thing ever, so it’s a good thing that the fresh-out-out-of-bed look is fully embraced here. Unless you want your comfort color tee soaked in sweat, try and stick to classes that are held in buildings closer to your dorm building, because the trek all the way over to FedEx or the Music Hall Building is sure to leave you unsettlingly sweaty.

1.) Classes with less than 50 people:

The key to success is to surround yourself with a) enough people so as to facilitate a dependable daily nap b) enough people to eliminate any concern that you’ll be called on to answer a question or c) enough people for you to scan into class and then dip out. This can be slightly problematic if you fill your schedule with smaller sized classes.


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