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This is Why Ole Miss Baseball Will Always be Better than Stupid Football

With another football season far behind us, and a basketball team destined for the NIT, anxious Ole Miss baseball fans are looking for a pick me up. The good news is that with the month of February comes the start of baseball season. Here are some reasons why this should get every member of the Rebel faithful fired up:

5.) Winning Culture:
Despite the fact that it doesn’t receive the same media attention as football, baseball is arguably the strongest sport at Ole Miss right now. Last season, the Rebels hosted a NCAA regional tournament here in Oxford. As the number one seed, they looked to be a powerhouse going into the tournament, but suffered tough losses to Utah and Tulane. Regardless, a strong finish in the SEC tournament and consistent rankings amongst the top ten nationally have the team poised for another strong season.

4.) Excuse to Pregame:
Arguably the most important reason for Rebel fans to get pumped for baseball season is another excuse to frequently get belligerent during the week. There’s nothing better than getting out of a morning class, heading home to drink aggressively on a beautiful spring day to prepare for a Wednesday home game against any interchangeable program, whether it be a top 25 team or a D3 school. The experience is heightened by the fact that you can continue your drunken tomfoolery in the student section, making for a wonderful day of poor decision making and Rebel baseball.

3.) Swayze Field:
While The Grove is the premier game day experience in Ole Miss sports, there is definitely something to be said for the student section at Swayze Field. First off, the student section is separate from the actual stadium, with no actual seats and a separate entrance. It’s kind of like a zoo, where you have the normal people separate from the wild animals. And, with a proper ID, students are allowed to bring coolers full of adult beverages into the student section. Come on, name another college baseball program that allows students to bring their own booze…that’s right, you can’t. Every right fielder in the SEC has to hate coming to Oxford, where they regularly face brutal verbal assault from drunken spectators. It’s an experience like no other.

2.) Home Run Showers:
When a Rebel knocks a home run straight out of the ballpark, all hell breaks loose. Every red solo cup in the right field student section goes flying through the air, and a monsoon of lukewarm Natty Light overtakes the roaring crowd. If you’re in the student section, it’s an absolute blast to be a part of, and if you’re watching from the rest of the stadium, it’s an equally impressive spectacle. Freshmen, if you have yet to see this happen, look it up on the good old internet this instant. Or save yourself for the inevitable come game day.

1.) The Social Aspect:
Lets face it: you can’t really see shit from right field. There aren’t any seats besides the ones you bring from home. There are always going to be heads in the way of your view. You’re far as fuck from the action, besides the aforementioned right fielder. We all love baseball, but when you can barely see the game, why bother going? It’s because of the atmosphere. You get to know your fellow students when bonding over the shared experience of “watching” baseball for maybe two innings or so. It’s not about the game, it’s about the spectating, it’s about the drinking, it’s about all the other bullshit. It’s why we all chose Ole Miss over other schools; because we know how to fucking party.

If you aren’t fired up for baseball season, then shit, transfer to State, or LSU for that matter. It’s going to be magical. Go Rebs, and Hotty Toddy.

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