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Ole Miss Sororities as TV Networks

We know what you’re thinking; this is a stretch. And yes, it absolutely is, but it’s happening. Don’t be fooled, television and Greek life clearly go hand in hand. Here are the Ole Miss sororities and TV network comparisons you’ve been waiting for your whole life:

HGTV — Delta Gamma:
DG’s house renovation is a prime example of Extreme Home Makeover, and they’re damn proud of it. Okay fine, they’re obsessed, but why the hell shouldn’t they be?

The History Channel — Kappa Delta:
This chapter’s sisterhood goes way back, just like The History Channel. KD honors their southern roots and legacies just like THC honors a good ole Civil War reenactment.

TLC — Pi Beta Phi:
Pi Phi has a diverse mix of personalities, making them an interesting chapter to get to know. TLC is all over the place with their shows, but you know you love them all.

Food Network — Alpha Delta Pi:
Rumor has it ADPi has the best food on campus. You can only assume that their chefs sit back and watch Food Network all day in order to craft their perfection.

MTV — Kappa Kappa Gamma:
Purely based of off generalizations (which are obviously 100 percent accurate), Kappas like to have a good time. MTV is all about living your best life; which they’re definitely doing.

Science Network — Chi Omega:
This channel is somewhat isolated from the other channels. Chi Os, for the most part, stick together and lay low, which is absolutely respectable. You’ll only hear good things about Chi O, just like no one is trash talking the Science Network.

Disney Channel — Alpha Phi:
Well, for starters their house somewhat resembles Cinderella’s castle. Okay, not at all, but they’re both nice as shit. Alpha Phi’s sisterhood at Ole Miss is still young, just like Disney’s viewers. But as Disney’s shows quality decreases, Alpha Phi is on the rise.

All of these channels bring their own qualities to the table, just like all of these Ole Miss chapters. Now for a fun twist, you may only watch the channel your sorority was compared to from now on. Ha!

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