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Ole Miss Sorority Member Asked To Leave Chapter After Wearing Off-Brand Lululemon Skirt

OXFORD, Miss — Yet another Greek life controversy has arisen on the campus of the University of Mississippi, this time regarding an Ole Miss sorority member.

A member of the university’s Kappa Nu Psi chapter was dismissed from their weekly chapter meeting, in what was apparently an egregious fashion offense.

Amanda Larson, a sophomore and second year member of the chapter, showed up in what appeared to be a Lululemon tennis skirt. Upon further observation, several sisters noticed that it was in fact a knockoff brand. According to sources inside the meeting, members were “horrified and embarrassed by this atrocity.”

“Amanda’s a sophomore. It’s not like this was her first chapter meeting as a freshman. She knows what’s expected of her,” said Kappa Nu President, Casey Mitchell. “It’s stated in our bylaws that fraudulent off-brand clothing is strictly prohibited inside and outside of official sorority events. Frankly, we are appalled that any of our members would not take this seriously, or like, own one of those.”

Larson’s parents were equally as disappointed about the news of their daughter’s mishap. “As an alumni member, it pains me that my daughter would bring such shame to what was once thought of as ‘the sratiest sorority on campus,'” said Larson’s mother. “Clearly, I didn’t instill the right values in her. Her decision to purchase this skirt was far too economically sensible, and I take full responsibility for not providing her with a higher allowance.”

Larson declined to comment on the story. Her closest friends within the chapter described the accusations as “completely false”. The sorority’s national organization has announced they will launch a thorough investigation into the events, but until then, Larson will be placed on chapter suspension.

“We hope that our sisters can learn from this incident, and become better people because of it,” one Nationals spokesperson remarked. “Fake Lululemon, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and any high-end products should never be imitated under any circumstance.”

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