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What Does Your Ole Miss Spring Party Outfit Say About You?

It’s that time of year again; that time when we get drunk in frat houses and massive fields, wearing ridiculous clothes. Now let’s take a closer look at some articles of this ridiculous clothing and figure out what they your Ole Miss spring party outfit really means about the kind of person you are deep down.

Cheer skirt:
Ah, congrats, very trendy. This means you either peaked as a cheerleader in high school or you’re borrowing one from your friend who peaked. Either way, they’re pretty damn flattering so go ahead and rock it.

Banana costume:
This might sound out of the ordinary, but for whatever reason at the University of Mississippi it’s quite common. This is usually the dude who considers himself to be extremely funny and thrives as the center of attention. Usually a good guy under the costume, 10/10 would introduce yourself. (Note: This is not limited to bananas; can also be a hot dog, cow, shark… you name it).

Sequin tube top:
This literally means nothing, based on the fact that majority of girls at the party are wearing one. Okay, but what it does mean is they’re Amazon Prime members and probably very good procrastinators. Free two-day shipping cannot be beat, and neither can these basic-ass shirts.

Cowboy hat:
These particular people tend to take the more country, and honestly, it’s refreshing. Although these parties aren’t normally themed anymore, country is always an appropriate route to take.

Light-up sneakers:
If someone is wearing light-up sneakers, they’re there for a damn good time. They usually dance more than the average person to show off their purchase and make it on a few people’s Snapchat Stories. They’re completely willing to ruin them because the clout is worth it. Befriend the person with light-up sneakers, you won’t regret it.

Neon fanny pack:
No one can dislike a fanny pack. How much more practical can you get? These people recognize a prime storage opportunity and a fashionable accessory when they see one. If you don’t have one, you should probably invest.

When it comes to Ole Miss spring parties, it doesn’t actually matter what you’re wearing because odds are no one cares, and no one will remember. But at least now you have some ideas for next weekend.

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