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Ole Miss Students Take a Knee to Protest Boring Classroom Discussions

In a shocking turn of events, students at the University of Mississippi have taken to a unified form of protest by electing to take a knee during classroom lecture discussions.

Reports first surfaced of such actions during a late afternoon Astronomy 103 lecture, which enrolled participants have described as “totally fucking pointless.” A freshman, who preferred to be listed as anonymous, stated, “We were all just tired of watching our school get torn apart by such mundane rhetoric. It was time to do something, make our voices heard.”

When the professor asked the class to discuss the different phases of the moon, students emphatically got up from their desks and knelt down on one knee, facing away from the professor.

The movement has since spread all over campus, with students in Tuesday morning English discussions following suit and giving teaching assistants major headaches. Similar patterns occurred in the schools of engineering and journalism.

In the business school, some students were actually divided on whether or not to protest. A few students found themselves as the only ones not taking a knee, saying in a joint statement that “it’s a matter of respect for our great university. No matter how boring these lectures get, and how burnt out our professors are, we will stand in solidarity. This is the greatest school in the world, show it some respect.”

Some see this as a truly noble cause by these patriotic individuals, and one that will ultimately be a source of tension for the overall student body.

Ole Miss Chancellor, Jeffrey Vitter, declined to comment on the story, which could certainly be classified as an internal crisis. A source close to the situation reported that members of the board of regents are scrambling to make sure these incidents do not blow up to the national level.

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