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Top 5 Best Oxford Drunk Food Choices Under $5

Oxford is known to have some pricey places to get your grub on. The struggle comes in to play when you’re a student and have to decide if you want to go get a nice meal or go out and get hammered. However, there is a solution. Take a quarter of what you would take out at the ATM and get some greasy food. We know there are so many scenarios where it can be tough to decide if you will eat or not. For your fattening, we mean bettering, this list of the best ways to stuff your face with only $5 will make the best of the broke times.

5.) McDonald’s:

As we all know McDonald’s is always super cheap. The $5 McPick two is super clutch for the chicken nugget eaters. There is also a dollar menu that can make you happy for just some pocket change. Most wouldn’t believe us if we told them there was an app to make it even cheaper. The Hooked app will give you some pretty sweet deals to satisfy your greasy needs. This is also the place to go whenever everything else is pretty packed.

4.) Buffalo Wild Wings:

This is not a joke! On Tuesdays you can get 6-8 traditional wings for only $5. Thursdays are for boneless wings, this will cost you $5 and some change. This is super clutch for when you just ran out of money. Mom won’t text you back because she knows you’re about to ask her for money so just hit her with a, “I passed my calculus midterm!” and you should have a full stomach that night.

3.) Cookout:

Three words you need to know, A Cookout Tray. Walk in, look at the huge menu on the wall and pick whatever your little heart desires. For $4.99, the tray comes with a main item which is either a burger or something chicken. Then you have two sides. These can be anything from hush puppies and fries to quesadillas and wraps. To top it off they throw in a drink. Milkshakes are also a thing. Three dollars might seem a little much for a milkshake but it’s actually ice cream–basically a meal in itself. We have yet to see anyone drink it out of a straw.

2.) Chicken on a Stick:

This has really become a tradition. If you’ve had a guest come visit you here in Oxford and you didn’t take them to Chicken on a Stick, you were a bad host. The best way to finish a night of having adult beverages and maybe a few girly drinks, is to hit a gas station up on your way home. It’s not complicated. Walk to the corner of the Lamar and University Ave, ask the person at the counter to hook you up and enjoy the best thing to eat after midnight.

1.) Steak ‘n Shake:

Conveniently located in The Pavilion, there is a Steak ‘n Shake. The semester is coming to an end and so is your flex. Well, try and save as much as possible and go get some burgers. During the week it’s a lot cheaper than game days. The Steakburger is literally $3.99. A drink is like two dollars but drink some water if you really want to save some money.


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