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Rebels Abroad: What to Expect at the Rebels Away Games


There have been two home games this season. The weather was beautiful and watching the team flex its muscles against some low level flunkies is usually fun, but now we’re itchin’ to take on the big dogs of the SEC. We’ve already hit the road to T-town, face the Crimson Tide and kept Saban crying in his sleep another whole year, but that’s just the beginning. There are many road games this year and as opposed to The Grove, which grants all visitors with kindness, going to game day at other campuses is like walking into battle. So we’re here to give you the heads up on the road schedule this year.


We’ve already seen great success from the game everyone likely had circled on their calendars this year, hell you probably had it tattooed on your arm it was that big of a game at Alabama. In the past; whenever Ole Miss had visited Tuscaloosa it was a party, Alabama fans would get the visiting Rebels drunk as could be so the inevitable loss wouldn’t be as tough on the heart. It was merciful actually. This year was quite different though, seeing how last year we beat them on national television and then proceeded to rush the field and tear down the goal posts, they were already a little sore going into the game. Rebel fans came into Bama’s Quad with swagger and bravado. Its good to be confident in your team, and this game was no disappointment.


The next away game the Rebels have to look forward to is at Gainesville. Visiting an East team is a little weird, like hanging out with a cousin you haven’t seen in a few years. Once you start hitting up the local bars and tailgate spots you realize that family is family. Ole Miss isn’t a hated school except for a few maroon and purple circles, but we have a special history with Florida. Last time we played them in the Swamp we notched our 600th win and made Tebow have a tantrum on national TV. If you get a chance you should check out the plaque they made to commemorate the loss, it would make a nice profile picture after we beat them. The away game following this one is at Memphis. Not much to say about this one, the Tigers will be getting thrashed and about 30% of the student population of Ole Miss can go home, do some laundry, and rub it in their childhood friends’ faces.


We then face Auburn on Halloween night. There should be an overall ghoulish theme to this weekend road trip so don’t be afraid to get creative with an outfit. Rebel Alliance is always a good choice and if Auburn is still playing the way they have been then their playing will be the scariest thing you see all year.


The final game of the year is Thanksgiving in Starkville. Normally, we would tell you to stay away from the pastures of Starkville as best you can, but a game is a game. The family feelings of the holidays will only increase the tension of this instate showdown. Whether going to the game or not, it will be hard to escape the Clanga Clanga, but not even the illegal noisemakers will stop the Rebs this year on their way to Atlanta.


It’s a pretty good road schedule; just remember wherever you go to represent Ole Miss, dress well, don’t mooch alcohol, and always scream your lungs out in the stadium and bars.


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