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Rent Your Shitty South 16th House Today!

Are you in search of that special house to call home for the next academic year, or longer? How about a place in a comfortable, quiet neighborhood, nestled right in the heart of Oxford? Stop your Ole Miss housing search now, and look no further than one of our beautiful, state of the art properties on South 16th Street.

Three bedrooms in a ranch-style structure allow you to really get to know your roommates. Appliances may need some fixing but don’t worry,  a sweaty maintenance man comes every three months. And trust us when we say it builds character to figure out what that smell in the washing machine is! One bathroom offers a central shower location for each roommate, to make sure you get up early!

Our houses are brand new, and by that, we mean only 60 years old. All the roaches are gone by winter, and all mold is easily controllable. If you do suffer health problems from the mold, we’ll pay half of your hospital bills, guaranteed.*

Only 40% of our tenants have reported respiratory issues following their lease termination, meaning the odds are in your favor!

Why wait until these gorgeous locations are all gone? Call now at 662-LOL-DONT and set up a tour this week! Rent is only a reasonable price of $700 a month (plus utilities, heat, wifi, cable, etc). Get ready for the best year of your life on the always reliable South 16th Street.

*Lol jk – who do you think we are?

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