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The 3 Best and Worst Places To Chain Smoke at Ole Miss

Here at Ole Miss, many aspects of student life have changed over the years.  However, one thing that has not changed is the student body’s love of cigarettes. From Marlboro Reds to Turkish Silvers, to American Spirits and Parliaments, cigarettes are a wholesome staple of the Rebel community. Despite a campus-wide smoking ban, the epidemic has not stopped, so if you’re going to chief cigs at school, here are the best and worst places to do so:


3.) Cig Alley:

The alleyway between the JD Williams Library and Weir Hall is the absolute greatest place to chain smoke at Ole Miss. This is why it is affectionately known as “Cig Alley.” It’s tucked away from the rest of campus, so you can chief in peace, and also provides smokers with picnic tables and WiFi. Not only is it the perfect place to smoke during a study break, but equally as great if you just want to enjoy a beautiful day. Even non-smokers must appreciate cig alley for what it adds to this community.

2.) ROTC Bus Stop:

It’s not the bus stop itself that is a great place to smoke cigs, but the surrounding area. If you’re trying to whip out a fresh pack of menthols while you kill time waiting for the bus, post up on the staircase attached to the outside of the ROTC building. It provides cover from rain, lacks foot traffic, and offers a nice view of Rebel Drive and the aging dormitories. Underrated smoke spot for sure.

1.) Benches Outside the POD:

Specifically, this refers to the Stockard Pod. Yes, it’s a little out in the open, and you do risk the chance of getting a ticket, but with all the debauchery that takes place in Stockard and Martin, campus security is pretty lax when it comes to something as minor as getting a quick smoke in. Ample sitting space and companionship give this spot some bonus points, too. If the POD started selling tobacco products, this location would probably jump to number one.


3.) Lyceum:

The Lyceum is arguably the most historic building on campus. The grounds and maintenance crews do an outstanding job keeping this space beautiful. Unfortunately, even though it’s just a short walk from cig alley, there is a very high chance you get slapped with a fine for smoking in front of such a classy place. We don’t necessarily agree with these sentiments, but such is life, and you should smoke elsewhere for sure.

2.) Fraternity Row:

Now, if you’re within the fences of one of the magnificent frat castles, you have nothing to worry about. But UPD is constantly posted up on Frat Row, because they know that with the raging levels of testosterone and sky high ratio of inebriated students, there are bound to be some fuckups. If you’re trying to avoid fines (or worse, an MIP), take your cigarettes elsewhere.

1.) Kinard Hall:

Kinard is a pain in the ass to get to as it is, since walking up that hill hungover is comparable to summiting Everest. But if you do find yourself up there, be aware that the UPD headquarters is located in that building. Smoking cigs up there is like turning yourself in for a crime, you’re gonna get caught. Again, no reason to go to Kinard if you don’t have to, but if you do, don’t rip darts.

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