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Ole Miss Mom Refuses To Pay For Spring Break Trip

With Ole Miss’s spring break just around the corner, students all over campus have been locking in plans for the holiday. Some students are using this time to fly back home to see their loved ones and hometown friends. However, many students, including sophomore business student Richard Cole, are planning to have a more exotic vacation.

“Oh hell yeah, man, I am going to be L-I-V-I-N-G it up in Cabo this Sprang Break,” reports Cole, who prefers to call it “Sprang Break” to sound more like James Franco in the film Spring Breakers. “The week is going to be all about booze, girls, and problematic Instagram photos being posted on Total Frat Move.”

When asked how he was going to be affording this trip, Cole confidently replied saying that his parents would be the ones receiving the bill. After investigating further, it was discovered that Cole’s parents were not aware of his “Sprang Break” plans.

“Richard in Cabo? There is no way we are funding such a ridiculous trip,” Cole’s mother, Barbara Cole, says. “It shocks me that my son, a finance major, had the audacity to ask for a check rather than use the finance knowledge we are paying for him to learn in college.”

Richard Cole was notified of his parents’ refusal position on funding the trip. After a long phone call with his mother and multiple tears shed, Cole was able to accept that he would be unable to afford the Cabo trip. He proceeded to throw a tantrum in the J.D. Williams lobby.

When asked how they maintained a strong stance against their son’s immature begging, Cole’s parents said, “We almost gave in and paid for the trip for him just so he would stop crying. But then he used the term ‘Sprang Break,’ and we were instantly reminded that our son is a douche and does not deserve this trip.”


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