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This is What You Should Be Doing During Syllabus Week at Ole Miss

After weeks of saving money, sitting on your parents’ couch, and taking advantage of the magically stocked pantry, it’s finally time to re-enter reality. The good news is, you have one fairly painless week to adjust; syllabus week. While your stress level still remains relatively low, here’s what you really should be doing.

5.) Getting your ass to the bars:
May as well start with the obvious one, right? Once next week rolls around, you’re going to be overloaded with more homework assignments than you can count, most of which you won’t have the slightest clue how to approach. This makes syllabus week the perfect time to revisit your favorite bars, with your favorite alcoholic friends. For safety reasons, remember your tolerance may have gone down if you spent your break working nights (or staying in and watching movies with your mom). If you didn’t, carry on.

4.) Treat yourself:
Right now, you’re likely to be somewhat financially stable, which you all know is a rarity. Maybe you worked your old job, babysat some annoying kids, or just racked up gift money during the holidays from your rich relatives. Regardless of your monetary source, now’s the time to go enjoy a nice meal with your college soulmates whom you’ve missed dearly. Time to say yes to ordering that appetizer. Add some overpriced avocado to your overpriced burger. Get that mimosa with your breakfast. 

3.) Relax… some more:
By now, you’ve probably had your fair share of relaxation, but that’s all about to end. Now that you’re back in your slightly less accommodating apartment, you have one week to relish the peace that comes with a mere syllabus. Yeah, your roommate may have started blaring music and pregaming at noon, but that shouldn’t stop you from turning your TV volume up and binge watching that mediocre show everyone’s talking about. This is the calm before the storm; take advantage of it.

2.) Set somewhat realistic goals:
Since you’ve probably already broken your New Year’s resolutions, here’s your second chance at not being a complete degenerate. So, maybe you won’t be a better person this year…but you can still be a better student? Get one of those snazzy 2018 planners and try to use it longer than a week; start breaking out some highlighters and your practically guaranteed a 4.0. Oh, and go to class too.

1.) Maybe actually read that syllabus you shoved in your backpack:
Yes, this is a daunting thought, but may not be as terrifying as you think. After all, there are only a few parts of a syllabus that really matter. You probably already flipped to the attendance policy within the first few seconds of receiving the packet. Just hope and pray it doesn’t say ‘no excused absences,’ especially if the class is before 10 a.m. Other than that, basically look for the grading scale, and maybe the calendar in which you’ll pay no attention to until you miss the first assignment. The simple art of skimming may really help you in the long run. Also, you have nothing else to do.

Although we treasure this week, it will unquestionably fly by. You probably won’t even have finished unpacking your winter break bags before it’s over; especially those who make unpacking an entire semester process. Take advantage of every moment, before you have no free moments left. But, don’t take that in a morbid way.

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