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The Black Sheep Previews: Ole Miss at Florida



Down to the Swamp the Rebs go to claim their fifth consecutive win. After last week’s humbling win over Vandy the Rebels are ready to kick some Gator ass. Undefeated Gator ass, mind you, but Gator nonetheless.


These Gators may be undefeated, but the Rebs are probably pissed at all the gassers they had to run this week for not crushing Vandy. The Black Sheep speculates that after the Rebs beat Bama in Tuscaloosa they took the week off of practice and went bowling. Ole Miss certainly has a chip on their shoulder and the Gators are bound to get a beating. Shit, even Gators Coach Jim McElwain expects Ole Miss to crush his own team.


Plenty of Gator fans may think their perfect record isn’t properly reflected in their ranking at number 25. Some may suggest that they are just as good as the Rebs. If any of your Gator friends suggest such a thing, go to Walmart and buy them a toothbrush.



Toothbrush or not, Ole Miss loves their throwback powder blue helmets. In honor of that, The Black Sheep’s #tbt this week is none other than SEC Network commentator Tim Tebow:




Since this isn’t the Florida of yesteryear, fans shouldn’t expect a heartfelt apology after the game, but they may want one after the Rebs roll through Gainesville.  Rebs win this one and continue the New Era.


Enjoy the game.

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