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Top 10 Best Parts About Ole Miss Homecoming

Homecoming is a great time anywhere, but it’s particularly great at Ole Miss. There are endless things to do and all the excuses you need to get hammered all day and all night. But there’s more to it than that, and we’ve compiled a list of the top ten best parts about Ole Miss homecoming. 

10.) Social events:
The week leading up to your weekend of permanent inebriation is full of a hell of lot of activities to participate in during all your hours of free time. From free food to photo-booths to live music, every student is sure to find something that satisfies their school spirit desires.

9.) Walk of champions:
As always, it’s essential to stick around for the famous Walk of Champions march. Whatever your BAC may be, make sure you walk, stumble, or crawl your way over to watch and chant as our team makes their trek to the field to play a game fueled purely by school spirit and pride.

8.) It’s lit:
Eager fans can buy raffle tickets to enter for a chance to win in firing off the ROTC cannon right before the players hit the field. What better way to get hype than to blow shit up right before our Rebs annihilate the other team?

7.) Sorority zombies:
With rush starting just 8 days after this Saturday of intoxicated celebration (that’s 192 hours for all you anxious future srat girls out there), this time period represents the last weekend these prim and proper angels of the south have to contain their inner party animals. Walk around and you’ll be able to smell the tension and anxiety that they’ll try and mask with their expensive perfumes— use caution, they’re on high alert and can’t be held accountable for their actions.

6.) Homecoming court:
After being assaulted by the stickers of preppy southern belles and their merciless campaigning in the union, the victor of this expensive battle of who-can-plaster-their-name-all-over-campus-more finally gets their time in the spotlight during halftime of the game. Hotty Toddy!

5.) Homecoming parade:
The homecoming parade is definitely something to check out. It brings Oxford together as one; the drunken college students buzzed off of a week of school spirit, the parents of said college students, and the community that has to put up with our behavior year round. Performances by our Blake Lively-esque cheerleaders and Rebeletes not only demonstrate our overflowing talent here on campus, but also our beauty that has us loved (read: envied) by all.

4.) Return of alumni:
What better way to celebrate a weekend of Hotty Toddy pride than with people who were once just like us? Back in town with their beer guts, grey roots, and children in tow, all the alumni are just as ready to get in on the fun as you are. Talk to them, make some connections, and maybe you’ll even score some free booze.

3.) School spirit:
We’re known for our insane school spirit, but you can bet this weekend our good old red and blue will be popping up even more than students in the union when free food is offered.

2.) Alcohol:
There’s no denying that our tailgating is unrivaled not just in the SEC but in campuses all across the country. Whoever said it’s always bigger in Texas missed the memo on the Grove, because we definitely have it figured out here. We put up bigger tents, squeeze into taller heels, blow more money on game day apparel, and drink our asses off all in the spirit of the Rebel football. With homecoming weekend, however, our copious amounts of alcohol consumption reach an all-time high as frat stars, sorority queens, parents, and faculty alike let loose and embrace the festivities.

1.) The Game:
Football is our religion, our way of life, our defining characteristic, and with the help of Shea Patterson you can bet Mr. Commodore will have a sorry drive back to Nashville. The homecoming football game is definitely THE game to watch. Who the hell are we? We’re Ole Miss baby, and we’re here to catch the dub.

Booze, school spirit, football, what’s not to love? Homecoming is just another excuse to get drunk with your friends at Ole Miss, an opportunity too good to pass up. 


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