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Top 5 Ways to Survive An Ole Miss Frat Party


We’ve all been at frat parties before and had a shit ton of opportunities to judge other girls who were having a little too much fun. “Damn look at how short her skirt is”… “LMAO she totally just ate it on those stairs, someone take her drink”… “Jesus put the camera away for 2 seconds and actually enjoy yourself”… the brutal list is endless, man. Want to avoid potentially embarrassing yourself? Keep the following tips in mind when you’re out.

5.) Do wear a cute outfit, don’t be lookin’ like a hoe:

Friday and Saturday nights are the days of the week when all girls’ inner ~srat stars~ are out and on the prowl. Outfits are crucial —Instagram pictures, the driving force behind the fierce competition for guys – it all comes down to the ‘fit. But just keep this in mind—you become proportionally less conscious of your appearance as you continue to drink, and you don’t want to be labeled the hoe of the party as your skirt’s riding up and your shirt’s falling down.

4.) Do enjoy yourself, don’t look too sloppy:

Frat parties are a shit ton of fun. They’re one of the things that remind you how great it is to be a college student, and they give you something to look forward to on cold and rainy Mondays when you have three tests scheduled back to back. Let loose when you go out and take full advantage of all the outlets for fun that are being provided for you—just make sure you know your limit, and try not to surpass it by toooo much.

3.) Do chat up the cute pledge in your math class, don’t make out with the older active who has a girlfriend:

Don’t be the girl who gets drunk and is suddenly all up on someone else’s boyfriend—you’ll just look slimy and sloppy and gross. Stick to your own age bracket unless you have a good reason not to, but understand the older guy’s probably only into you because A. your skirt’s too tight or B. he can’t get with anyone in his own grade.

2.) Do have a good time with your friends, don’t ignore all the guys so that you can take a shit ton of pictures with your sorority sisters:

Frat parties are the perfect venue for spicing up your Instagram profile. Capitalize on the cute outfits and high volume of friends/sorority sisters all in close proximity to you, and don’t leave unless you have approx. 46 pictures to choose from. However, make sure this doesn’t take away from the attention you’re showing all the guys you’re with—you’re in their house, drinking their alcohol, having fun because of them. Make sure you show your appreciation by actually acknowledging their existence.

1.) Do watch your drink get made, don’t let the hot guy you met 5 minutes ago sweet talk you into taking the one he’s offering you:

Pregaming with sorority sisters? Fun. Being at a frat party? Fun. Going through pictures the next day? Fun. Remembering your actions throughout the night? Eh. Potentially fun. Being drugged? NOT. FUN. Don’t end up getting something slipped in your drink—watch your cup at all times, and don’t take the cup from the guy no matter how cute he is, it’s really not worth the risk.

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