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Can We All Just Agree that Business is the Worst Major at Ole Miss?

Ole Miss is a premiere research institution offering the highest level of education known to man. The degrees students earn at this university will offer you the opportunity to work anywhere in the world, from Jackson, Mississippi to Memphis, Tennessee. Most majors are highly regarded, but to say the very least, everyone on campus can agree that the business majors here are the fucking worst. 

Students pursuing a business degree from Ole Miss are some of the frattest (and srattest) individuals one could find, and the numbers back it up. They care soooo much about their studies and academic success that they show up to almost 50 percent of their classes per a semester, and take time off from partying once every two years (assuming a typical six year graduation plan). 90% of all business majors are involved in Greek life, which is a required minor for all degree-seeking students.

Classroom life is basically one big game, as everyone knows business professors never change the makeup of their exams. So business students spend an unhealthy amount of time scouring the internet attempting to “secure the bag,” with “the bag” being answer keys posted by heroic scholars on popular study sites. Passing your classes and earning a business degree ultimately boils down to how much effort you put into doing this.

As for learning, that’s pretty difficult when you’re sitting in a room with 100 other kids watching a monotone professor who doesn’t know your name and desperately needs therapy drone on over a power point. When you see that Ole Miss Business logo stamped on the front of the podium, you know that you’ll be getting a truly mediocre experience for the next couple of months.

Business majors commonly choose this life at the last minute. Many of those who declare it only do so because it’s broad, and they have no idea what they want to do with their lives. Or  they’ve succumb to the idea of becoming a corporate slave. Though both of these reasons are noble, it’s unfortunate that four years in Oxford will be spent doing something that totally fucking sucks.

So if you’re a freshman, transfer, or just want to switch up your major, be sure to avoid business at all costs (no pun intended). It will do you a whole lot more good than harm to stay the hell away.

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