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Wow! Apparently, Everything Reminds this Ole Miss Girl Of Studying Abroad!

After spending four months in another country, it’s understandable that Ole Miss students can miss their study abroad experiences a little bit. But, for Ole Miss junior Emily Jones, everything that she does, sees and hears reminds her of her time abroad last semester.

“If you weren’t paying attention to my daily blog posts and or my heavily edited Instagram photos, I spent this past semester in Barcelona, Spain,” said Jones. “I was worried about coming back to the states and losing my sense of Spanish culture, but I was like, so wrong.”

The newly-cultured Jones started to realize and point out every single thing that Oxford had similar to Barcelona because she obviously couldn’t keep it to herself.

“When I saw the Walk of Champions, I realized that Barcelona, too, had arches,” said an excited Jones. “I forgot the name of the arch in Barcelona, but I had to remind my friends that I studied abroad in Spain for four months and had to talk about this arch I saw with my host family that was just so amazing. They said I can come back whenever I want, so they’re pretty much like my real family. It’s so special.”

The biggest reminder of the 20-year-old’s study abroad experience was when she was at her first frat party back on campus.

“Spain was so great because the drinking age was like, 12 there so I never got carded and only flashed my boobs twice when I was there,” said Jones. “It was so nice because 40 girls from my sorority went to Spain with me, so it was like I never left Oxford. But it was just, like, more cultured, you know?”

Photos from Emily’s life-changing study abroad experience can be seen on her study abroad Instagram @EmilyBabezInSpain.

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