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5 Exercises to Do While You Rage to Ensure You Get that Summer Bod

Summer is two weeks away and students have been squeezing whatever workouts they can get in at the Rec. in order to get that summer bod. Of course, you can’t sacrifice your last chances to go to Taylor’s and frat parties before school ends for the summer! So our solution for continuing your partying habits, and achieving that summer bod, is to combine both! Here are five exercises you can do at a bar or frat party to get those #Gainz.

5.) Vertical Bar Push-Ups:

While waiting for drinks, place your hands shoulder length apart on the edge of the bar and plant your feet back so your body is slanted at a 45-degree angle. For every 25 push-ups you do, reward yourself with a shot!

4.) 30 Rack Bench Presses:

Find a 30 rack in whatever frat basement party you’re at, clear off the beer pong table, lay down and hold the rack to your chest and start bench pressing! Do 30 reps and when you’re done, take a beer out and shot-gun it!

3.) Cardio:

Cardio is crucial in a work out so try to run at least half a mile when you’re either running from the cops who are rolling a party, or running from the bouncer after drunkenly smashing a glass at Max’s. Avoiding serious consequences is a great motivator for submitting yourself to the torture that is cardio.

2.) Twerking Squats:

When “Get Low” comes on, it’s hard to resist the urge to drop it to the flo’. So, go with the music and take the opportunity to squat it out on the dance floor. Place your feet shoulder length apart and start squatting. To make it look more natural, swivel your hips or twerk your butt as you squat, and your peers will think that you’re just dancing to the music!

1.) Pitcher Bicep Curls:

Order two beer pitchers for your group of friends and as you walk back to the booth. With both pitchers in hand, start bicep curling the beer! Make sure to maintain concentration while curling so that you don’t spill the beer, because wasted beer is a tragedy.

With these exercises, you won’t have to feel guilty about skipping a trip to the Rec! You can continue to be the life of the party while getting swoll for the summer.

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