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The 8 Easiest Classes at the University of Oregon

We get it. You’re supposed to work hard and get those As. Your education is so important blah blah blah. But let’s be honest here, it’s also freaking hard and sometimes you get stuck with that asshole teacher who should’ve never gone into education in the first place. But, with registration just underway we’ve gathered the top 8 UO easy classes. You’re welcome.  

8.) Linguistics 150:

Where: Online

Teacher: No one cares, it’s freaking online.

Topic: You learn about why words are words.

Boredom average out of 10: 6 (low average because it literally takes 30 min to learn this shit.) 

7.) Physics 153: Light and Color:

Teacher: Richard Taylor

Topic: You learn about what colors you see when you mix two pigments together (and oddly an entire chapter of photography.)

Amount of sick experiments done each class: Enough to make it interesting.

Boredom average: Solid 3 ½ 

6.) Political Science 201:

Teacher: Gerald Berk

Topic: All the U.S history you learned in 5th grade.

Should you take this online?: Yes don’t waste precious time sitting in class, it’s sad.

Boredom average: 500, because an 11-year-old could pass this class. 

5.) AAD 251 (no one knows what that stands for):

Teacher: You’re stupid if you don’t take this online.

Topic: How people view and interpret art.

The point of this class: Absolutely none.

Boredom average out of 10: It’s a 10.

4.) Journalism 100:

Teacher: Ed Madison (AKA the founding producer of CNN.)

Why he left his exciting career to teach this class: We don’t know, but it’s concerning.

Topic: A bunch of random people come in and lecture about their jobs.

Boredom average: 5ish 

3.) Astronomy 121:

Teacher: Scott Fisher

Topic: Talk about space stuff like planets and the sun.

Amount of times Fisher will make you laugh in one class: at least 8.

Boredom average: -5

2.) Music 125:

Teacher: Literally any teacher.

Topic: Understanding why some people like music and other satanic beings don’t.

Homework: Listen to music and record the rhythm (not kidding.)

Boredom average: 2 (who doesn’t like music?)

1.) Geology 304 and 305:

Teacher: Mary Baxter

Topic: Dinosaurs and Fossils

Does the way she pronounce “dinosaurs” make you want to punch yourself in the face: YES.

Boredom average: 4, she gives out prizes during class.

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