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5 of the Best Spots to Sneakily Poop on UO’s Campus


There are some students, who don’t mind shitting in public, but then there are some who do. In the end, we all poop. Obviously nothing beats dropping a deuce in the comfort of your private bathroom at home, but sometimes you just can’t make it and have to take your duties elsewhere. So whether it’s the coffee shits, a daily drop, or a PLP (pre lecture poop), here are the best places to do your business on campus.

5.) Lillis Upstairs Level:

When we say Lillis, we don’t mean those small little stalls located outside of the lecture halls. No, instead of waiting in line, clench your cheeks and book it all the way upstairs. The bathrooms are far nicer, and you won’t have to wait in line. Plus, it lets you spend more time using the bathroom then paying attention to your boring business lecture.

4.) REC Second Floor Bathrooms:

Since the Rec. has recently been renovated, almost all if the bathrooms are pretty decent. But if you’re looking for a quiet place to poop pre, mid, or post workout, check out the bathrooms on the second floor near the matts and track. There are plenty of clean stalls and it’s rare that you find more than one person in there at a time.

3.) Fourth Floor of Knight Library:

Whether you’re a frequent lib attender or just another one of those midterm and final crammers, everyone finds themselves spending a little time at the Knight Library. Make your way to the fourth floor, by foot or elevator (cause we all know stairs aren’t fun when you gotta go) and head to the quiet section. The bathrooms are perfect for pooping. 

2.) GSH:

Unless you’re a freshman, or unfortunate enough to be stuck in a class in a dorm, you probably aren’t spending that much time on this side of campus. But if you are, the best place “to go” is the GSH bathrooms. They are super nice, they always smell pretty good, and they’re central to all of the classrooms, so you really don’t have to go far if you’re dumping a mid-class deuce.

1.) Hedco:

Calling all you future teachers and educators! In case you didn’t know, HEDCO is an ideal location for pooping. There are multiple bathrooms scattered throughout the building, and the first floor bathroom has at least 15 stalls and weirdly calming lighting. Make your way all the way to the end to poop relaxed and privately.

So, now that you have the best places to poop on campus, use them to your advantage and don’t be scared to try some of them out! And while you’re at it, make sure to avoid all of the bathrooms in Mckenzie, the first two floors of Deady Hall, and probably all of the other dorm bathrooms; these are some places you definitely don’t want to be “dropping your kids off at the pool.”

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