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Is it Darty or Dayger?

During the spring weekends in Eugene, UO Students are guaranteed to be doing one thing- partying. From the moment you wake up till the sweet sun goes down, students can be found all over the dirty Eug chugging warm beer, playing pong and ridin’ those slip’n’slides. But recently,
a debate has risen among Ducks. Is a party during the day called a “Darty” or a “Dayger?” Two of our staff writers argue which is the ~correct~ way to refer to party that goes on while the sun is up. 

Hannah Rahe: Well, I would first like to start off by saying that it’s a “darty.” It’s a party, during the day. Put those together and you get darty. Plain and simple.

Mandy Hetrick: Yes, but that’s not what us intellectuals call it. The better phrase is “Dayger.”

Hannah Rahe: Why do you think your phrase is better?

Mandy Hetrick: Because I RAGE.

Hannah Rahe: Yeah, well Darty rolls off the tongue better.

Mandy Hetrick: Well you can’t turn Darty into a verb like you can with dayger. You can’t say
“let’s go dart” but you can say “let’s go dage.”

Hannah Rahe: Okay, but you can say “darty season,” and it even looks cool as an Instagram caption. “Who’s ready for darty szn?!”

Mandy Hetrick: Yeah well, Dayging isn’t a season, it’s a ~lifestyle~.

Hannah Rahe: W/e, it’s darty. 

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