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University of Oregon Dorms Ranked For Your Convenience


We all reminisce on the days we used to live it up in the dorms. It was a simpler time, when all you had to worry about was the RA writing you up, and running into the person you hooked up with in your building. A lot of what made your college experience good or not depended on where you lived. So here is a definitive rating of all the UO Dorms.

7.) Bean:
This is the worst dorm on campus by far. The aesthetic is a cross between a quaint cabin in the woods, and a prison cell. Some may find the tiny rooms charming, but those people have clearly been cooped up for too long, and as a result have gone insane. There is a nice open courtyard in the middle of all the Bean halls for the residents to stretch out a bit. Sounds exceedingly similar to prisoners getting free time outside. However, due to the stuffiness off the Bean cells- we mean dorms, it’s very social and you’ll make great friends with your neighbors.

6.) Walton/Earl:
These two are being grouped together because there is not a huge difference between them. Walton and Earl are the epitome of average. You never hear much about them or the people that live there. The only “special” thing about Earl is that it houses the business ARC and is connected to Straub, cool?

5.) Barnhart:
If you’re going to live off-campus, you might as well get an apartment. If you’re a freshman who lives in Barnhart, who even are you? Are you real? Sure, Barnhart’s rooms are bigger and they have their own dining hall, but having to commute to campus as a freshman is killer. You can’t just leave your dorm five minutes before class because there is no chance you’ll make it. 

4.) Hamilton:
It’s like any standard dorm, but just a little bit better. The cot beds make it seem similar to the Bean Prison Complex, but the rooms being slightly more spacious makes up for it. Also, Hamilton has its own dining hall, immediately making it superior to all the other dorms with standard doubles. Hamilton also has a huge basement, which can serve as a fun maze if you stumble down there drunk on a Friday night.

3.) Global Scholars Hall:
If you’re a part of the Honors College or just want to pay extra to live in the dorms, GSH is the place for you. The basic assumption if you live in GSH is that you’re either rich, or a nerd. GSH would be higher on the list if it weren’t for the fact they can’t keep their doors open, and the location is an inconvenience for other students to walk to. The doors seem like they wouldn’t be a big deal, but the social scene is a bit dry since you can’t walk by your neighbors door and say hello.

2.) Carson:
Carson offers the best of both worlds. Your room is slightly bigger, you have a sink like GSH, but you don’t have to pay that much more. Having two girl wings and two boy wings brought together by a lounge makes it one of the most social dorms. It’s also been notorious this year for all the charges it has gotten, rumored to have reached the thousands. Which leads us to believe Carson, or at least Carson’s 4th floor, stays lit. The dorm storms are off the charts. When you’re hungover on the weekends, you can just stumble downstairs for all you can eat brunch.

1.) Living Learning Center:
The BEST University of Oregon dorm building of all time. The rooms are big, it’s in a good location, and you can walk downstairs to get food. It’s not a prison cell, and it’s not a closed off room; it achieves a perfect balance. It’s no wonder you can only get in if you submit your housing application super early, or if Daddy can pull some strings.

Dorm life is truly an experience that we’ll never forget. Some of us remember it positively and some of us were too drunk to remember it at all. Either way, it’s a vital part of everyone’s college years.

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