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Starter Packs for Every University of Oregon Student


As the term gets warmer in Eugene, students begin to emerge from their dorms and we start to witness all kinds of different people. Whether you’re frat star livin’ or an international student chillin’, here are some starter packs to help you identify your fellow classmates.

5.) Girl Who Needs to Make it Clear She’s Not in a Sorority:

This girl is for sure not in a sorority, and you know this because she’ll immediately tell you. She hates the whole “culture of Greek life” because she thinks it’s a way to buy friends, and definitely not because she rushed freshman year and was dropped on the second day.

4.) UO Frat Boy:

Catch these boys rocking their freshest Columbia and Fratagonia, and trying to get girls to slap a bag of Franzia at parties. His Tinder bio has at least one sentence saying he wants to ‘go on adventures,’ or some joke stolen from the Internet.

3.) UO Sorority Girl:

If this generic Oregon white girl had a dollar for every time see listened to “Closer”, she could totally buy that Rover. She either wears her letters, an oversized VS Pink shirt, or both, every day. Also, do not forget to Venmo her $5 for the alch you shared.

2.) International Student:

You can find this international student just by following the smell of cigarettes to the closest location that is technically off campus. They’ll probably be rocking a weirdly fashionable outfit that you low-key wish you had.

1.) Mac DeMarco Wannabe:

This special brand of fuck boi hails from either Portland or the Bay Area, and you’ve probably seen him eat shit once or twice on his skateboard in front of the EMU. This guy only listens to music on his SoundCloud app, and smokes Marlboro Reds because nihilism, bro.

If you didn’t make the cut, well, it’s probably cause no one noticed you. Or you’ve successfully fit yourself into all of these little nooks. 

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