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UO Student Accidentally Pops Molly Instead of Adderall After Sasquatch

After a weekend at Sasquatch, UO sophomore Mason Sherwood, took what he thought was Adderall to help him write and essay for his SOC 204 class. After only a few minutes, Sherwood discovered the pill was actually MDMA.

“I didn’t even check the bottle, I just grabbed a pill and swallowed it down with some coffee. For a while I sat there waiting for the Adderall to kick in, then I started feeling really fucking weird.” Sherwood explained.

Witnesses say they saw the student creep out of the study room looking dazed, pulling books about the Mandarin language off of the shelves and speaking “fluently.”

“At first I was just watching YouTube videos about laser cats, but then I had an extreme urge to explore my surroundings so I emerged the fuck out of the study room and out to the wonders of the lib,” Sherwood said.

After being told to ‘fuck off’ by students studying around him, Sherwood then put the book down, took his shirt off and started rubbing the book on his stomach and chest.

“Honestly after a few years in Eugene and in the lib, there’s not really much that can weird me out anymore,” said another student. “But this came pretty fucking close.”

Sherwood says he’s not upset about the mix up, and claimed he eventually wrote “the best fucking paper of his life.”

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