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UO Student Still at SFO Waiting to Board Flight Back to Eugene

Flying around the start of the school year is always expensive, but most students dish out the extra dollars because it beats spending one of your remaining days in a hot car. This year though UO student, Chad Harrington, was surprised to find that flying Delta Airlines actually added seven hours to his total travel time.

Harrington left for the airport at 4 a.m. for his flight out of SFO, where his connecting flight to Eugene was delayed.

“I had to wake up so early. I tried to stop by the airport bar for a couple drinks to ease my hangover, but the bartender took my ID. Then my phone died and I was forced to read the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated for the next few hours,” Harrington complained.

Calie Adams, another UO student, was able to get up and drive from the bay area and get to Eugene in better time than students flying.

“The drive flew by! I stopped in Weed, CA for a pit stop and picked up some local blunts to bring back for fall term,” Adams stated. “I-5 is a beautiful drive and I caught a scenic view of Mt. Shasta as I passed. Can’t wait for #shasta2k18!”

Today marks the third day of UOregon’s Fall term, and Harrington is still waiting for his flight to board.

“If I had known that we would be stuck here for three days I would have Ubered over to Park City for a few hours of relaxing instead being stranded in this stress hole!” Harrington said after his nineth airport Chili’s cocktail today.

Harrington is hopeful that his flight will board today so he can make it to Taylor’s for his first weekend back on campus.

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