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5 Reasons We’re Pretty Sure PSU Will Win the Whole Dang NIT

Penn State couldn’t keep the dream alive before losing to Purdue 78 – 70 in the B1G Championship semifinals. Penn State didn’t even make selection Sunday, but they somehow made the 2018 National Invitationial Tournament. Basically, were not good enough to compete with the big dawgs, but were better than most nationally ranked teams. Here are reasons we’re pretty confident PSU will take home the title.

5.) We beat Temple, Notre Dame, and Marquette, so:
Temple Basketball is just like the rest of its athletic program, they choke under pressure. We weren’t hopeful going into the NIT, butt with our dumb luck we were able to beat Temple 63 – 57. However, it wasn’t expected for us to beat Notre Dame, and especially not Marquette. Penn State love to tease its fan base with wins and lose when it counts the most.

4.) #ClimbWithUs is finally catching on:
Most people thought that this hashtag was stupid. It was created during a losing season in hopes that it would gain social media and ease the pain of sucking real hard. The missing piece of their problem was wins and talent. Now that were somewhat good, #ClimbWithUs actually makes sense.

3.) The NCAA probably still hates us. Fuck em’:
Penn State fucked up, they’ve restructured, and as a community we’re moving forward. For whatever reason, the NCAA just can’t seem to forgive us. Yes, we’ve hosted numerous NCAA tournaments, Wrestling just won its 7th National title in 8 years, but football and basketball keep getting robbed. We’re good, the selection committee is just blind, ok? WE DESERVED A SPOT IN MARCH MADNESS.

2.) We’ve got drive:
It was rumored at the end of the 16’/17’ season that Penn State head coach Pat Chambers was in the hot seat and would lose his job as early as the final game of the season. For some stupidly odd reason, Sandy Barbour didn’t fire his ass. She gave him a second chance when most wanted to burn down the BJC in anger.

1.) We actually want to watch the team play this season:
The BJC was never really at capacity during basketball season unless it was THON weekend. But now, NOW that hasn’t been an issue since our team’s been good. Due to this newfound talent, PSU Athletics no longer needs to bribe students with gift cards, TVs, and free food just to attend a game. For the first time in years, they’ve had to open up the upper bowls because people actually want to watch our team dribble balls.

The next game our Nittany Lions will be playing in will be on March 27th against Mississippi State in Madison Square Garden. And that’s pretty dope. Will PSU be victorious over Joe Moorhead’s new school? Or will we choke like we did in the B1G semifinals? We’d like to know…

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