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The 7 Best Ways to Sh*tt on Pitt

With the Pitt game this Saturday, it’s time for your disdain for Pitt to become even more evident than it already is. This isn’t a difficult task, as there’s so much to make fun of Pitt for. If you’re lacking in creativity, The Black Sheep has you covered with the top seven ways to talk the best smack at your Shitt on Pitt party, pissing off any Pitt fans visiting Happy Valley this weekend.


7.) Mock Their Empty Stadium:

It must be nice for any visiting Pitt fans to see a game in a packed stadium. Accept it Pitt, no one wants to see your games. Be sure to tell any Pitt friends that show up in Happy Valley this weekend that this is what a real football team’s stadium looks like on game day.


6.) Dress the Part:

For you quiet types, you don’t even have to say anything if you just dress appropriately. Wear a simple but effective “Shitt on Pitt” t-shirt. Childish and petty? Yes, but you know you’re going to wear one anyway.


5.) Bring out the Rankings:

Sure, Pitt won last year, but who is ranked 4th in the nation and second in the Big Ten East? Pitt can brag about last season’s win all they want, but did they make it to the Rose Bowl or beat Ohio State? Cut down some of that confidence with these casual ranking reminders.


4.) Insult their Intelligence:

Any respectable Pennsylvanian knows that Pitt’s where you go when you can’t get into Penn State. Admit it Pitt: you only hate us because you didn’t get accepted here. Make sure the visiting Pitt students relive their college acceptance shame at every turn.


3.) We Want ‘Bama:

Treat Pitt like the trash they are and completely disregard them as a competitor. Instead, yell “We want ‘Bama” at every possible moment because your team has moved on to bigger and better things.


2.) Mock Cathy:

Just like every Penn Stater has to fill their Snapchat with every angle of Old Main, Pitt students have a spot in their hearts reserved for the Cathedral of Learning. Any blows made to Cathy will hit hard; imagine someone defiling Old Main. But, c’mon, it’s a very tall phallic structure that every Pitt student glorifies. Maybe Pitt students are compensating?


1.) Literally Just Yell Shitt on Pitt 24/7:

It’s a classic and still gets the job done. Plus, when you’re plastered from tailgating all day Saturday, “Shitt on Pitt” will roll off the tongue effortlessly with little mental energy required. Besides, our superiority will prove itself when Saquon and the boys give us that win.

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