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7 Ideal Replacements for State College’s Closing Spaces

Last call has ended for The Rathskeller, Spats is gone, and Ye Olde College Diner is on its way out. While these changes aren’t ideal, there’s still hope for better days to come. As we wait to see what’s on its way to Happy Valley, we at The Black Sheep have a few suggestions.

7.) An actually decent pizza place:
For too long, we’ve settled for subpar pizza. State College is in dire need of a pizza spot that isn’t only edible when you’re drunk and up for anything. Our refined taste deserves better, and it’s time to receive.

6.) Wawa:
As it stands, State College has sided with Sheetz in the controversial Wawa vs. Sheetz debate. How about making things equal and putting a Wawa in Spat’s vacant spot, conveniently across the street from Sheetz. Let the people choose sides and make Pugh Street a divided territory.

5.) Yallah Quesadilla:
We’ve got Yallah Taco and Yallah Burrito, so why not round out the Mexican options with Yallah Quesadilla. Is three Yallahs excessive? Maybe, but you’re still going to head to each one every weekend so it’s necessary.

4.) Walmart:
We’re living in a world where the only downtown grocery store options are McLanahan’s and Target, which wasn’t even an option until last year and isn’t a complete grocery store anyway. It’s 2018, Walmart shouldn’t require a CATA bus trip. No wonder we’re all living on drunken leftovers.

3.) Another Starbuck’s:
How is it that with at least six Starbuck’s between campus and downtown we are still stuck waiting in absurd lines for our overpriced coffee? With a third Starbuck’s along College Ave, we might just stop strolling into class fifteen minutes late all because of a venti cold brew.

2.) Berkey Creamery downtown:
Unless you’re a freshman in East or a College of Ag major, you’re basically never close enough to get some midday ice cream. While a more convenient downtown location might be detrimental to our health, it’d be a much appreciated gift to all of us who are too lazy to head east for ice cream.

1.) HUB #2:
Every trip to the HUB is the same: you dodge your way through a sea of backpacks, stand in line for twenty minutes, spend another ten trying to find somewhere to sit, and inevitably cut your losses and leave. Oh, and along the way you run into everyone from random hook-ups to the TA whose class you failed. There are simply too many people in the HUB, and we need another place to get Jamba and scroll through Twitter. A downtown version would have all the same amenities, minus the crowd of people you’ve been trying to avoid.

Here’s hoping someone makes one of these suggestions a reality. The Black Sheep would be happy to take a percentage of the profits.

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